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bob mills for ronelle and forum
the holier-than-thou CIA
Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:16

i'm complaining about all of it, Ronelle. The clandestine wars, the interference with foreign elections around the globe (we have some nerve complaining about Russian meddling!), the coups that overthrew democratically elected leaders of foreign countries, the assassination plots against Castro, Trujillo, and others, the drug smuggling (see Rodney Stich's book, "Defrauding America"), their cooperation with the Mafia, their phony cover operations, and most of all the murder of John F. Kennedy, who wanted to tear the CIA to bits and "scatter the pieces to the winds," and paid for his life because of it.

Everyone should read "The Devil's Chessboard," by David Talbot.

  • Thanks for writing your book on jfkRonelle to Bob Mills, Sun Oct 29 04:53
    I suppose you are complaining about the massive corruption - not to mention crimes against humanity - committed by the CIA and NSA and not the exposures of those crimes? There's not enough written... more
    • the holier-than-thou CIA — bob mills for ronelle and forum, Mon Oct 30 11:16
      • Devil's ChessboardRonelle to Bob Mills and Forum, Tue Oct 31 03:04
        Thanks for mentioning David Talbot's book. I went all over south Florida reviewing it a few years ago and anyone who read it afterward told me it was the greatest book they'd ever read. And, any one... more
        • the cia and its public relations folksbob mills for ronelle and forum, Tue Oct 31 16:03
          Not familiar with Perkins' book. I'll ask my girls to get it for me for Christmas. I can't decide whether the CIA gets a free pass from the American people out of some kind of misplaced patriotism,... more
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