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bob mills for ronelle and forum
the cia and its public relations folks
Tue Oct 31, 2017 16:03

Not familiar with Perkins' book. I'll ask my girls to get it for me for Christmas.

I can't decide whether the CIA gets a free pass from the American people out of some kind of misplaced patriotism, or (as you suggest) they're seen as saving the world from evil (Communism, terrorism, Islam, whatever), or maybe it's fear of challenging them and ending up where JFK did.

I get a laugh out of people who argue over whether the CIA or the Mafia killed JFK. That's really a distinction without a difference, because the two organizations have not only conspired together, but they operate under identical structures. Both have a code of secrecy and both use legitimate-appearing cover operations to cloak their true activity. For one example among many, Zapata Petroleum under the first president Bush was supposedly looking for oil but operating as a CIA front.

  • Devil's ChessboardRonelle to Bob Mills and Forum, Tue Oct 31 03:04
    Thanks for mentioning David Talbot's book. I went all over south Florida reviewing it a few years ago and anyone who read it afterward told me it was the greatest book they'd ever read. And, any one... more
    • the cia and its public relations folks — bob mills for ronelle and forum, Tue Oct 31 16:03
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