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Hal Walton's Circular
Sat Dec 2, 2017 12:43

"The Lindbergh Case: God Save the King"

Hal Walton


Broadsides and Ephemera Collection

Duke University Libraries

  • The Lindbergh Case: God Save the KingSue, Mon Oct 9 18:22
    Under the categories of broadsides and ephemera, this 1938 circular by Hal Walton could be placed in a vertical file on the Lindbergh case alongside of the pamphlet by lawyer Mary Belle Spencer and... more
    • Hal Walton's Circular — Sue, Sat Dec 2 12:43
    • Was Jafsie Faking?Sue, Thu Oct 12 20:23
      Ronelle, This video clip of Condon on a beach chair in the sand in Miami in 1934 should accompany your website post of "Was Jafsie Faking?" I believe this video from the University of South Carolina... more
    • Condon in Miami VideoSue, Tue Oct 10 07:06
      University of South Carolina
      • Re: Sue, Condon in Miami VideoTanialee, Tue Nov 28 21:29
        Hi Sue. I haven't seen emails from this site for months, guess due to not adding the address to my list, am going to do that after I post. Hopefully, this will ensure that I receive all updates in a... more
        • Re: Sue, Condon in Miami VideoSue for Tanialee, Sat Dec 2 12:49
          Hi Tanialee, Have you had any success viewing the video yet? Hope you are doing well. Sue
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