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bob mills for sue and forum
the gas station that changed history
Sun Dec 3, 2017 08:23

Great find, Sue. I've always wondered what Hauptmann was doing in that specific area on the day he bought gas.

Was he near a carpentry job? Just driving around aimlessly? The fact that he was near Fisch's apartment in Sept. 1934, isn't meaningful by itself, because Fisch had long since moved to Germany and died. But the station's proximity to the Birritella church might be.

  • The Journal-News of Rockland County for November 20, 1934 has an interesting picture of the Warren-Quinlan gas filling station and its close proximity to Isidor Fisch's apartment and the spiritualist ... more
    • the gas station that changed history — bob mills for sue and forum, Sun Dec 3 08:23
      • Re: the gas station that changed historysteve for bob, Tue Dec 5 10:12
        he was living the dream
      • Re: the gas station that changed historySue for Bob, Sun Dec 3 11:34
        I wonder if Walter Lyle knew Hauptmann as a regular customer? Or an infrequent customer that Lyle had waited on in the past, but just didn't recognize again? Had Hauptmann been to that filling... more
        • The gas station - then and now-ishSam, Mon Dec 4 11:27
          First, have a look at the Warner-Quinlan station in the days of BRH's arrest. I clipped this from a newsreel. Here's what it looks like now (or rather in 2007, on Rich's tour).
          • Yesterday's WitnessSue for Sam, Sat Jan 6 19:18
            Sam, Compare views of the Warner-Quinlan station with your photo! This 1976 documentary by Christian Blackwood is called "Yesterday's Witness," See 42:44 frame for picture of the gas station. The... more
        • warner-quinlanbob mills for sue, Sun Dec 3 13:07
          Lexington and 127th St. isn't exactly around the corner from where Hauptmann lived, so you're probably right that he had more of a reason to be in that neighborhood than just buying gas. I remember... more
          • Re: warner-quinlanAnonymous, Mon Dec 11 18:37
            "I remember reading (can't remember where) that several people connected tangentially to the LKC worshiped at the Birritella church, including Jacob Nosovitzky (not his real name, apparently) and... more
          • Church on East 127th Street & ConnectionsSue for Bob, Tue Dec 5 22:46
            Wayne Jones book covers the characters who attended The Temple of Divine Power. A lot of occultic connections in the Lindbergh case. Anne attended a seance in the baby's nursery, according to Berg. I ... more
          • why Warner-Quinlan?Richard E Sloan, Mon Dec 4 13:47
            Could be that it was such a large station that it sold gas cheaper than stations in da Bx.
            • warner-quinlanbob mills for richard and forum, Tue Dec 5 04:39
              Possibly, but it strikes me that a guy who was speculating in the stock market wouldn't be influenced by a penny or two per gallon difference between stations. It's also possible that he had gotten... more
              • gasRichard E Sloan, Tue Dec 5 08:46
                It sure is a mystery. one of so many in the case.
                • Fredericksen's Bakery UntenantedSue for Richard, Tue Dec 5 22:35
                  Great pictures from these Rockland County newspapers! "To Lease for Bakery with Oven" Harry T. F. Johnson 28 E. Kingsbridge Rd. SED.3-4600 Bakery in Hauptmann Case -- Untenanted, the former bakery of ... more
                  • bakery photoRichard E Sloan, Wed Dec 6 00:26
                    Thanx, Sue, for the pic of the one-time bakery, but that's the only one I have. I;ll have to ask Falzini if any of the scrapbook's of Thelma Miller that I didnt get to look at before she donated them ... more
          • Fisch's and the gas sta.Richard Sloan, Mon Dec 4 10:30
            Steve Romeo and I drove around the corner and Fisch's apt. was long gone. I think a bus terminal is there now? Do you recall, Steve?
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