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Richard E Sloan
why Warner-Quinlan?
Mon Dec 4, 2017 13:47

Could be that it was such a large station that it sold gas cheaper than stations in da Bx.

  • warner-quinlanbob mills for sue, Sun Dec 3 13:07
    Lexington and 127th St. isn't exactly around the corner from where Hauptmann lived, so you're probably right that he had more of a reason to be in that neighborhood than just buying gas. I remember... more
    • Re: warner-quinlanAnonymous, Mon Dec 11 18:37
      "I remember reading (can't remember where) that several people connected tangentially to the LKC worshiped at the Birritella church, including Jacob Nosovitzky (not his real name, apparently) and... more
    • Church on East 127th Street & ConnectionsSue for Bob, Tue Dec 5 22:46
      Wayne Jones book covers the characters who attended The Temple of Divine Power. A lot of occultic connections in the Lindbergh case. Anne attended a seance in the baby's nursery, according to Berg. I ... more
    • why Warner-Quinlan? — Richard E Sloan, Mon Dec 4 13:47
      • warner-quinlanbob mills for richard and forum, Tue Dec 5 04:39
        Possibly, but it strikes me that a guy who was speculating in the stock market wouldn't be influenced by a penny or two per gallon difference between stations. It's also possible that he had gotten... more
        • gasRichard E Sloan, Tue Dec 5 08:46
          It sure is a mystery. one of so many in the case.
          • Fredericksen's Bakery UntenantedSue for Richard, Tue Dec 5 22:35
            Great pictures from these Rockland County newspapers! "To Lease for Bakery with Oven" Harry T. F. Johnson 28 E. Kingsbridge Rd. SED.3-4600 Bakery in Hauptmann Case -- Untenanted, the former bakery of ... more
            • bakery photoRichard E Sloan, Wed Dec 6 00:26
              Thanx, Sue, for the pic of the one-time bakery, but that's the only one I have. I;ll have to ask Falzini if any of the scrapbook's of Thelma Miller that I didnt get to look at before she donated them ... more
    • Fisch's and the gas sta.Richard Sloan, Mon Dec 4 10:30
      Steve Romeo and I drove around the corner and Fisch's apt. was long gone. I think a bus terminal is there now? Do you recall, Steve?
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