Sue for Richard
Fredericksen's Bakery Untenanted
Tue Dec 5, 2017 22:35

Great pictures from these Rockland County newspapers!

"To Lease for Bakery with Oven"

Harry T. F. Johnson

28 E. Kingsbridge Rd.


Bakery in Hauptmann Case -- Untenanted, the former bakery of thr Fredericksens in the Bronx, where Bruno Hauptmann testified he called for his wife the night the Lindbergh baby was kidnaped is pictured here.

February 5, 1935

Journal News

Rockland County

Page 10.

"The Day's News in Pictures" section

  • gasRichard E Sloan, Tue Dec 5 08:46
    It sure is a mystery. one of so many in the case.
    • Fredericksen's Bakery Untenanted — Sue for Richard, Tue Dec 5 22:35
      • bakery photoRichard E Sloan, Wed Dec 6 00:26
        Thanx, Sue, for the pic of the one-time bakery, but that's the only one I have. I;ll have to ask Falzini if any of the scrapbook's of Thelma Miller that I didnt get to look at before she donated them ... more
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