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Sue for Bob
Mon Dec 11, 2017 18:42

Yeah, the evidence is not strong for Elisabeth being the culprit.

Back to Isidor Fisch.

Could it be that the Biritellas were getting their information through Fisch?

Everything about the case that came out in Mary's trances might have been information that was fed to her through Isidor.

All Fisch had to do was cross the street and furnish the Biritellas with information.

Also, what about familiar spirits that know a lot of detail about a person?

See page 264 in Berg's book.

Why did Anne agree to a seance with a medium from the New York Society for Psychical Research?

Was Dr. Prince the medium who went into the nursery with her?

In a way, I think shows like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie
could help in understanding the occultic angle of the Lindbergh case.

  • elisabeth morrow morganbob mills for sue and forum, Mon Dec 11 12:49
    My understanding has always been that Elisabeth had a heart condition, which might have been exacerbated by the Eaglet's death but would have shortened her life in any event. Of course, if Elisabeth... more
    • Maybe Harry Green Mentioned Elisabeth?Sue for Bob, Tue Dec 12 10:40
      Of course, if someone ever turns up the 1978 episode of "Front Page Challenge" -- a Canadian show comparable to America's "What's My Line" -- maybe we can say for a certainty what Harry Green thought ... more
    • Fisch — Sue for Bob, Mon Dec 11 18:42
      • TV and the LKCbob mills for sue and steve, Wed Dec 13 13:41
        Yes, "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie" might help in understanding the Lindberghs, Morrows, and the occult. But I doubt "All in the Family" would.
        • Re: TV and the LKCSue for Bob, Thu Dec 14 20:17
          The Waltons was a great period show...yeah, life in the Depression WAS like that! I think a few of the episodes mentioned Lindbergh, but never the kidnapping.
      • Re: FischSue for Steve, Tue Dec 12 10:14
        Why did Anne agree to do a seance? There seems to be a blending of metaphysics and police work in this case.
      • Re: Fischsteve for sue, Tue Dec 12 09:52
        this is absurd your reaching
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