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bob mills for sue and forum
why hauptmann didn't want a lawyer
Wed Dec 13, 2017 14:07

Why would Richard not want a lawyer? Why would any defendant on trial for his life not want representation?

Possible explanation: The mob influence. Richard can't explain having the money, so he tells the incomprehensible Fisch story, which was made all the less believable by the fact that he'd gone through several thousand dollars of ransom money that Fisch had owed him separately (oh, sure), and by his failure to share the money with Fisch's family after Fisch died.

But he was afraid a lawyer might bring out the actual truth, i.e., that he was connected to the gang that had actually abducted the Eaglet, and that he'd been warned that his wife and son were dead meat if the truth were allowed to emerge. He'd rather hope that the witnesses who placed him at Fredricksen's Bakery would be believed, and that he'd be acquitted accordingly.

According to parallel logic, he turned down Gov. Hoffman's offer of a commutation to life imprisonment in exchange for spilling the beans on the gang.

  • H. Bennett SolomonSue, Tue Dec 12 14:40
    Before James Mark Fawcett, and Edward J. Reilly, there was H. Bennett Solomon. H. Bennett Solomon was a Bronx lawyer who was part of the Hauptmann defense in the VERY early stages of the case. I'm... more
    • Bruno and a lawyerRichard E Sloan, Thu Dec 14 14:28
      Re: "newspaper accts say that Hauptmann at the start did not want a lawyer." What is the source for the initial report that the papers all repeated? It can only be treated as "hearsay" with out that. ... more
      • Dual Personality -- Fisch?Sue for Richard, Fri Dec 15 18:40
        Lou Wedemar actually used the term 'dual pesonality" in the first of 10 articles about the Lindbergh case that appeared in the Rochester Evening Journal on November 19, 1934. He used that phrase... more
      • Re: Bruno and a lawyersteve for rich, Fri Dec 15 09:47
        hi rich, I think its in the intorogations at police headquarters if im not mistaken. I think they asked him if he wanted one
      • Solomon Shunned By Hauptmann?Sue for Richard, Thu Dec 14 19:59
        Hauptmann either said that he didn't want a lawyer or he didn't say it. Do any of the books on the Lindbergh case mention H. Bennett Solomon, Esq.? I don't have Dekle and Dedman's book, but maybe... more
    • why hauptmann didn't want a lawyer — bob mills for sue and forum, Wed Dec 13 14:07
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