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Mystery of $30,000 Bared
Sun Dec 17, 2017 18:55

Here is the third of ten articles written by Lou Wedemar in 1934 about the Lindbergh case.

As the case stood in 1934.

Obviously, Wedemar's articles appeared in many different newspapers throughout the country in 1934.

The articles are all the same, but the titles are different in each paper.

"Mystery of $30,000 Bared"

Cincinnati Enquirer

November 21, 1934

  • Lou Wedemar ArticlesSue, Fri Dec 15 18:51
    Ten articles about the Lindbergh case, written by Lou Wedemar, appeared in the Rochester Evening Journal beginning November 19, 1934. This is the first one:
    • Ransom Bills Smell Like FurSue, Sun Dec 17 20:10
      "Cough Key to Lindbergh Case? Fisch Had One, So Did 'John', Ransom Bills Smell Like Furs" Lou Wedemar article. November 28,1934 Cincinnati Enquirer
    • Fisch Paid With Gold NotesSue, Sun Dec 17 19:56
      Fisch paid with gold notes. Article by Lou Wedemar. November 27, 1934 Cincinnati Enquirer
      • No Fisch gold notesAnonymous, Sat Dec 30 18:33
        >>Fisch paid with gold notes. This is one of the most famous myths in the LKC, even rejected by Kennedy's book.
        • Re: No Fisch gold notesAnonymous, Sat Dec 30 22:25
          Interesting that you must rely on Kennedy as your source. Why not the police reports? Oh that's right, it requires actual research. Come back when you've done some.
    • Mystery of $30,000 Bared — Sue, Sun Dec 17 18:55
      • Who Spent First Rsnsom Note?Sue, Sun Dec 17 19:38
        "Who Spent First Ransom Note?" November 22, 1934 Cincinatti Enquirer (Fouth in a series of 10 articles by Lou Wedemar) Article asks whether or not... more
      • Re: Mystery of $30,000 BaredSue, Sun Dec 17 18:59 "Mystery of$30,000 Bared" Cincinatti Enquirer
    • This article is the first in the series: "New Lindy Clues Link Fisch" (front page) "Renewed Lindbergh Inquiry Centers Around Fisch, Mystery Man" (page 5) November 19, 1934... more
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