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Mary Cerrita Interviewed in 1933
Sat Dec 23, 2017 15:18

"Medium Sees Baby Kidnaper"

Wise County Messenger

Page Seven

April 20, 1933

New York, N.Y., April 17--A tall man with heavy circles under his eyes was the kidnaper of the Lindbergh baby, as seen in trance by a spiritualist medium who took part in the early investigation of the crime, it was learned by International News Service.

The spiritualist, Mrs. Mary Birrittella, gained an audience with Col. Henry Breckinridge, Lindbergh's closest friend and adviser, in March, one year ago in a room at the Princeton Inn, Princeton, N.J.

Her "revelations" were considered important enough for investigation by Lindbergh's underworld aide, Morris Rosner, Salvatore Spitale and Irving Bitz. Even Owney Madden, New York's No. 1 racketeer, then on parole from Sing Sing, visited her to gain information.

The New York police, however, were not summoned to investigate her story and "revelations" at this stage of the case.

Mary opened the unknown chapter in the complex story of the crime of the century Monday by stating she had told Colonel Breckinridge the baby was alive in a home four and one-half miles from the New Lindbergh estate at Hopewell, N.J. Her "vision" put the kidnaper looking in a window of the house in his shirt sleeves.

Her supernatural "control" told her the baby was still alive at that time, and this was corroborated by a glimpse she had of the child in the house during a trance in Col Breckinridge's presence, Mary declared.

She still insists that the baby was not killed until three or four weeks before his little body was discovered in the underbrush of the Hopewell-Princeton road.

This reporter visited her in the tiny uptown New York room where she conducts with her husband the divine power spiritual temple.

A short, stock woman, with tangled dark hair and strangely alive hazel eyes. Mary Birritella, who was Mary Serrito then, having married last June the" priest" who made the contact with e the Lindberghs, she prides herself in finding lost persons.

"I was the only medium called in the Lindbergh case," she insisted, standing before a crude little altar decorated with a sheet, pale blue ribbon and a golden [earing?] "I had a message from Mara, Mrs. Lindbergh's father, who is dead."

(She undoubtedly meant Dwight Morrow, late senator from New Jersey.)

"Mr. Birittella called Hopewell and told them what I had received and they phoned back and asked us to come down. It was a cold, snowy day, They met us at Princeton and took us to a hotel. There my husband - and he was only my boyfriend then -- put me in a trance and I told them everything. I saw the baby just as clear in the house near the Lindbergh place, guarded by men with guns. The kidnaper was in his shirt sleeves, looking in the window."

"But you know," an expression of despair crossed her sallow face, "you can warn people what the spirits tell you, and they don't act on it. I think they should have found that house. I told them just where it was-- but they didn't act."

Col. Breckinridge would not let Mary see Mrs. Lindbergh, nor go in the Lindbergh house, the spiritualist went on.

"Col. Breckinridge is a very psychic man. No one could put anything over on him."

After the Princeton seance, Mary gave three more "trance readings" on the Lindbergh case, but Col. Breckinridge was not present, only the underworld aids. She claims to have "seen" the baby dead almost three or four weeks before the baby was discovered.

"That man was carrying him through the woods, she declared. I could see his little hands hanging down and swing and I knew he was dead."

"Would you know this man if you saw him?: this reporter asked.

The spiritualist smiled, regretfully.

"I don't want to tell a lie," she said. "I don't know if I would now. It has been a year since I saw him in a trance, and I only remember part of what I see in trances. Maybe I would know him."

"I am sure what I saw was right, though. They should have listened to me!"

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