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Behind the Scenes in the Lindbergh Case
Sun Dec 24, 2017 02:28

Harry Weisensee, better known as Harry Whitney, was to write a book called Behind the Scenes in the Lindbergh Case.

Harry Whitney was Anna Hauptmann's cousin's (ex?) husband.

Whitney is to Anna Hauptmann's left in the University of South Carolina's footage of Atty. James Fawcett and company as they walk down the steps to greet the press in the Fall of 1934.

Has anyone had success in locating this book by Whitney (Weisenee)?

Could it be on someone's bookshelf next to their favorite book on the Lindbergh case?

Maybe it's in the category of Ann Mpore's Shred of Jetsam?

So many books on the Lindbergh case; so little time.

    • Re: Behind the Scenes in the Lindbergh Casesteve for use, Wed Dec 27 09:41
      some people write books and they never get published they lay in their personal papers like Loretta hickoks memoir.we were lucky to get the Lindbergh kidnap chapter.the only books I like is jim... more
      • Dedman , for SteveRichard Sloan, Thu Dec 28 10:55
        I perused Dedman's book on Amazon when you wrote that you thought it was as good as hree others. It took me about 30 secs. to find a glaring error. He wrote that taxi driver Perrone deliv'd to JFC... more
        • Re: Dedman , for Stevesteve for rich, Fri Dec 29 09:43
          theres always mistakes I thought the book was great
          • H. Bennett SolomonSue for Steve, Sat Dec 30 06:28
            Omissions, too, like H. Bennett Solomon, who wished to defend Hauptmann from the very beginning. But why quibble about that? Please tell us why you liked the book so much, Steve?... more
            • Re: H. Bennett Solomonsteve for sue, Tue Jan 2 09:37
              because it was a critical study of just the trial. he pointed out fawcetts mistakes and others. if he made a mistake on the history of the case, it dosnt take away his take on the trial.
      • Women of the Lindbergh TragedySue for Steve, Thu Dec 28 00:20
        There's probably a long list of works about the Lindbergh case that were never published. Melinda Rose was writing a book that was to be published in 1999 called The Other Voices: Women of the... more
        • women victimsbob mills for forum, Thu Dec 28 11:31
          The following all suffered in one way or another: Anne Lindbergh, Elizabeth Cutter Morrow, Elisabeth Morrow, Violet Sharpe, Betty Gow, Evangeline Lindbergh, Elsie Whateley, Evalyn Walsh McLean, and... more
          • Broken HeartsSue, Sat Dec 30 12:38
            I also feel that those women you mention all had broken hearts in one way or another. I feel sorry for women with broken hearts, if they are true broken hearts, versus today where you wonder if some... more
            • greetingsRichard E Sloan, Sun Dec 31 20:01
              • New yearSam, Tue Jan 2 08:36
                Thanks to all for the good wishes. Everyone, have a GREAT 2018.
              • Happy New Year, 2018!Sue, Mon Jan 1 13:11
                Happy New Year, 2018! Best wishes for a great year to Richard and all LKC researchers on this board!
              • 2018bob mills for richard and forum, Sun Dec 31 20:35
                Same to you, Richard. Let's keep the ball rolling here.
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