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steve for use
Re: Behind the Scenes in the Lindbergh Case
Wed Dec 27, 2017 09:41

some people write books and they never get published they lay in their personal papers like Loretta hickoks memoir.we were lucky to get the Lindbergh kidnap chapter.the only books I like is jim fishers, cahill, and the new one from dedman

  • Behind the Scenes in the Lindbergh CaseSue, Sun Dec 24 02:28
    Harry Weisensee, better known as Harry Whitney, was to write a book called Behind the Scenes in the Lindbergh Case. Harry Whitney was Anna Hauptmann's cousin's (ex?) husband. Whitney is to Anna... more
    • Re: Behind the Scenes in the Lindbergh Case — steve for use, Wed Dec 27 09:41
      • Dedman , for SteveRichard Sloan, Thu Dec 28 10:55
        I perused Dedman's book on Amazon when you wrote that you thought it was as good as hree others. It took me about 30 secs. to find a glaring error. He wrote that taxi driver Perrone deliv'd to JFC... more
        • Re: Dedman , for Stevesteve for rich, Fri Dec 29 09:43
          theres always mistakes I thought the book was great
          • H. Bennett SolomonSue for Steve, Sat Dec 30 06:28
            Omissions, too, like H. Bennett Solomon, who wished to defend Hauptmann from the very beginning. But why quibble about that? Please tell us why you liked the book so much, Steve?... more
            • Re: H. Bennett Solomonsteve for sue, Tue Jan 2 09:37
              because it was a critical study of just the trial. he pointed out fawcetts mistakes and others. if he made a mistake on the history of the case, it dosnt take away his take on the trial.
      • Women of the Lindbergh TragedySue for Steve, Thu Dec 28 00:20
        There's probably a long list of works about the Lindbergh case that were never published. Melinda Rose was writing a book that was to be published in 1999 called The Other Voices: Women of the... more
        • women victimsbob mills for forum, Thu Dec 28 11:31
          The following all suffered in one way or another: Anne Lindbergh, Elizabeth Cutter Morrow, Elisabeth Morrow, Violet Sharpe, Betty Gow, Evangeline Lindbergh, Elsie Whateley, Evalyn Walsh McLean, and... more
          • Broken HeartsSue, Sat Dec 30 12:38
            I also feel that those women you mention all had broken hearts in one way or another. I feel sorry for women with broken hearts, if they are true broken hearts, versus today where you wonder if some... more
            • greetingsRichard E Sloan, Sun Dec 31 20:01
              • New yearSam, Tue Jan 2 08:36
                Thanks to all for the good wishes. Everyone, have a GREAT 2018.
              • Happy New Year, 2018!Sue, Mon Jan 1 13:11
                Happy New Year, 2018! Best wishes for a great year to Richard and all LKC researchers on this board!
              • 2018bob mills for richard and forum, Sun Dec 31 20:35
                Same to you, Richard. Let's keep the ball rolling here.
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