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bob mills for forum
women victims
Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:31

The following all suffered in one way or another: Anne Lindbergh, Elizabeth Cutter Morrow, Elisabeth Morrow, Violet Sharpe, Betty Gow, Evangeline Lindbergh, Elsie Whateley, Evalyn Walsh McLean, and most of all, Anna Hauptmann.

  • Women of the Lindbergh TragedySue for Steve, Thu Dec 28 00:20
    There's probably a long list of works about the Lindbergh case that were never published. Melinda Rose was writing a book that was to be published in 1999 called The Other Voices: Women of the... more
    • women victims — bob mills for forum, Thu Dec 28 11:31
      • Broken HeartsSue, Sat Dec 30 12:38
        I also feel that those women you mention all had broken hearts in one way or another. I feel sorry for women with broken hearts, if they are true broken hearts, versus today where you wonder if some... more
        • greetingsRichard E Sloan, Sun Dec 31 20:01
          • New yearSam, Tue Jan 2 08:36
            Thanks to all for the good wishes. Everyone, have a GREAT 2018.
          • Happy New Year, 2018!Sue, Mon Jan 1 13:11
            Happy New Year, 2018! Best wishes for a great year to Richard and all LKC researchers on this board!
          • 2018bob mills for richard and forum, Sun Dec 31 20:35
            Same to you, Richard. Let's keep the ball rolling here.
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