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Sue for Steve
H. Bennett Solomon
Sat Dec 30, 2017 06:28

Omissions, too, like H. Bennett Solomon, who wished to defend Hauptmann from the very beginning.

But why quibble about that?

Please tell us why you liked the book so much, Steve?;article=52068;title=The%20Lindbergh%20Kidnapping%20Hoax%20Forum

  • Re: Dedman , for Stevesteve for rich, Fri Dec 29 09:43
    theres always mistakes I thought the book was great
    • H. Bennett Solomon — Sue for Steve, Sat Dec 30 06:28
      • Re: H. Bennett Solomonsteve for sue, Tue Jan 2 09:37
        because it was a critical study of just the trial. he pointed out fawcetts mistakes and others. if he made a mistake on the history of the case, it dosnt take away his take on the trial.
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