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Broken Hearts
Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:38

I also feel that those women you mention all had broken hearts in one way or another.

I feel sorry for women with broken hearts, if they are true broken hearts, versus today where you wonder if some women just get on the bandwagon and pull the "woman card."

And can Juliet Rublee's name ALSO be included with the women who suffered because of the Lindbergh tragedy?

In the finding aid of Juliet Rublee's papers, the first item on the list is an appeal by her to Hauptmann to confess to the Lindbergh kidnapping.

Rublee's husband was Dwight Morrow Senior's legal adviser in Mexico.

Rublee and Elizabeth Morrow, Anne's mother, were friends.

Rublee was also good friends with the eugenicist, Margaret Sanger.

  • women victimsbob mills for forum, Thu Dec 28 11:31
    The following all suffered in one way or another: Anne Lindbergh, Elizabeth Cutter Morrow, Elisabeth Morrow, Violet Sharpe, Betty Gow, Evangeline Lindbergh, Elsie Whateley, Evalyn Walsh McLean, and... more
    • Broken Hearts — Sue, Sat Dec 30 12:38
      • greetingsRichard E Sloan, Sun Dec 31 20:01
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          Thanks to all for the good wishes. Everyone, have a GREAT 2018.
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          Happy New Year, 2018! Best wishes for a great year to Richard and all LKC researchers on this board!
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          Same to you, Richard. Let's keep the ball rolling here.
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