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bob mills for michael and forum
hauptmann and his speedy dodge
Wed Jan 3, 2018 05:45

Michael, assuming Hauptmann's car could have gotten him back to the Bronx in time to pick Anna up that night, we're still left with several big riddles:

1) What time do we assume the abduction took place? If it were around 9:00, then Hauptmann would have to have been speeding the whole way to get to the bakery before it closed, and probably would have run a few red lights en route. If it were earlier than 9:00, he could have made it more easily. Did Lindy arrive home at 8:30, or was it earlier?

2) Assuming Hauptmann were the kidnapper, did he drive 4-1/2 miles in the opposite direction from the Bronx, park along a main artery while he carried the dead Eaglet 75 feet into the woods, then reversed direction and headed home? Why would he bother to do all that, if he were in a hurry? If he deposited the body somewhere else, then who moved it to its eventual location?

3) Assuming Hauptmann had planned the whole thing in advance (and could he ever have found a remote location like Highfields at night, otherwise?), then would he not have known that the family was never there on a Tuesday? Did he drive down there on the off chance that this night would be an exception? Who could have tipped him off that the family was there?

  • Re: Anna Hauptmann, spouseMichael 5260, Tue Jan 2 14:28
    Hi Bob. Believing and knowing are distinctly different from one another. Anna could not remember positively that her husband picked her up at the bakery. She said he "usually" did so on a Tuesday... more
    • hauptmann and his speedy dodge — bob mills for michael and forum, Wed Jan 3 05:45
      • "Who could have tipped him off that the family was there? How thoroughly were the tradesmen who constructed Highfields questioned after the kidnapping? Besides the Whateleys (who were not entirely... more
        • who was the tipster?bob mills for spamela49 and forum, Thu Jan 4 09:26
          Sorry for not remembering you, Pamela. I don't remember climbing the ladder, but I'm an old guy who forgets stuff. I'm also a bit over 200 lbs., so I doubt the ladder would have survived my effort.... more
          • my phone conversation w/ Joyce MiltonRonelle , Fri Jan 5 06:01
            Interesting that you bring up Joyce Milton, Bob. (Welcome back, Pamela!) Many years ago I called Joyce Milton and we had a long conversation about the case. She believed that Hauptmann was the lone... more
      • Re: hauptmann and his speedy dodgeAnonymous, Wed Jan 3 09:52
        There isn't any way to know the exact time that Hauptmann went in and out of the nursery or when Lindbergh came home. We do know that when the baby was checked on he was gone. A rational inference is ... more
        • Re: hauptmann and his speedy dodgeAnonymous, Thu Jan 4 09:49
          Interesting... There isn't any way to know when the baby was taken but you know which route Hauptmann took?
          • misquotebob mills for mr. anonymous, Fri Jan 5 05:44
            Huh? I said nothing of the sort. Michael speculated that Hauptmann could have made it back to the Bronx in time to pick Anna up at the bakery, using Route 1. i suggested that if Hauptmann were in a... more
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