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Re: Hauptmann's Handiwork in Harlem?
Fri Jan 5, 2018 20:24

Oops above by Jack.

  • Re: Hauptmann's Handiwork in Harlem?Anonymous, Fri Jan 5 20:24
    Would be bo fun to find something known to be done by him. I don't know NY - is the Majestic still a standing building? Was in a good neighborhood, so maybe. I'm sure a determined researcher could... more
    • Hauptmann's Carpentry WorkSue for Jack, Fri Jan 5 22:34
      On a Bronx tour from many years ago, a participant shared that his grandfather and Hauptmann built the home that is across the street from Condon's house. The details can best be provided by Richard... more
      • Hauptmann's workRichard E Sloan, Sat Jan 6 09:57
        Carpentry work isn't like painting a Rembrandt. I don't think Bruno's work wouldn't stand out as being anything extraordinary. And unlike an oil painting, the creator wouldn't sign his work. I have... more
        • Re: Hauptmann's workSue for Richard, Sat Jan 6 12:07
          I thought you would clarify about the house you spoke about many years ago. That's why I wrote it that way. Who better than the Bronx tour guide!
          • house Bruno builtSue, Sun Jan 7 10:22
            The way you wrote it, you identified it as a house on Decatur, so I couldn't connect the dots. You meant Kurt's descendant and Bruno. We never went in to examine it. I dont remember what Kurt said... more
            • Re: house Bruno builtSue, Sun Jan 7 13:27
              Yes, you too, Richard! Stay warm! Cars, for instance, can yield forensic evidence. I imagine carpentry work that was done to interior of houses, also, can establish authorship.
              • Hauptmann as carpenterbob mills for sue and richard, Mon Jan 8 11:44
                Hauptmann apparently made a decent living as a carpenter. A German immigrant with less than requisite skills for major work would not have done so, I feel sure. When asked by Wilentz, "Did you build... more
                • I am a capenter!Richard E Sloan, Tue Jan 9 09:35
                  I think Bruno built the ladder and said "I am a carpenter" as a defensive ploy, to distance himself from the possibility that he could have built it. (By the way, he was claiming that it was a rank... more
                • Did Hauptmann Build That Ladder?Sue for Bob, Tue Jan 9 08:06
                  Maybe Hauptmann needed a translator? Maybe not. He answered intelligently and cleverly like someone who fully understood what he was being asked. I think there was a big difference between how he... more
                  • "I AM A CARPENTER" (dismissively)bob mills for sue and rrichard, Wed Jan 10 05:36
                    We now have two Bruno Richard Hauptmanns to consider. One is the Aryan supremacist of Dudley Schonfeld's imagining, who saw himself as beyond human limitations, inflexible, always unwilling to admit... more
              • Fisch houseRichard Sloan, Mon Jan 8 09:46
                This pictufre of the gas sta. backed by Fisch's house makes me think that STeve and I only looked for the spiritual place on the right (south) sd. of the street, and I didnt realize that his house... more
                • Liberty Magazine, 1935Sue, Mon Jan 8 22:58
                  I believe those photos are from an article from Liberty Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 4, Liberty Pub., 1935.
                • Another View of Warner-Quinlan StationSue for Richard, Mon Jan 8 22:46
                  Here is another view of the Warner-Quinlan gas station... And also the two filling attendants! I'm not sure what book these pictures are from.
                  • gas sta. pic in clippingRichard E Sloan, Tue Jan 9 09:46
                    That appears to be from a magazine, not a book. A great picture. Do you see the man walking up the street with theh ladder? I thought that was funny.
                    • Travel Channel news on Booth and BrunoRichard E Sloan, Tue Jan 9 10:05
                      First, just or Lincoln assassinaton students: -- Mike Kauffman, THE expert on John Wilkes Booth, tells me that the episode of "Mysteries of the Museum" on the Travel CHannel that he will be on,... more
                • Esso Station at 130th StreetSue for Richard, Mon Jan 8 22:13
                  And why did Hauptmann choose the filling station at 127th Street and Lexington Avenue instead of the Esso station at 130 Street? Cheaper gas? Walter Winchell's memoir, Winchell Exclusive: Things That ... more
                  • WInchell on gasSUe , Tue Jan 9 09:40
                    First of all, Sue, are you saying that at that late date Winchell pulled a Sue Campbell and actually did great research to find out how much ea. of the 2 gas stations was charging that many years ago ... more
                    • Esso Station in 1934Sue for Richard, Tue Jan 9 12:58
                      No. But a picture of the Esso station in 1934 may have provided the answer for Mr. Walter Winchell. The picture of the Warner-Quinlan station shows a sign saying gas was 13 cents per gallon? Esso... more
    • Re: Hauptmann's Handiwork in Harlem? — Anonymous, Fri Jan 5 20:24
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