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Richard E Sloan
let's face it
Sat Jan 6, 2018 10:15

Unless you are one of those who think the entire flooring of the attic was rebuilt to make Bruno look guilty (and I am not one of those),
1. the wood from rail 16 came from "his" attic
2. $14,000 in ransom money was found in the garage he built
3. Bruno admitted he didn't tell Anna about the hidden ransom money.
4. (In my opinion) the handwriting on many of the ransom notes looks a lot like the handwriting in letters he wrote to his mother and the governor.
Bruno was not a dummy. He fooled around with another woman, he fooled his wife.
I have decided that she was just a dumb girl who refused to believe any of it. He was her Rasputin. The wool was entirely pulled over her eyes.

  • Re: "Anna's Suffering"Sue for Jack, Fri Jan 5 15:19
    God bless you for your honesty.
    • let's face it — Richard E Sloan, Sat Jan 6 10:15
    • "Anna's Suffering"Jack, Fri Jan 5 20:16
      Thanks, Sue. Anna's been handled with kid gloves since the money was found in the garage, but sometimes I wonder how out of touch she wasw. There are reports of lots of new dresses for her trip, and... more
      • Anna Hauptmann, widow and mother bob mills for jack and forum, Sun Jan 7 10:15
        Hauptmann traded stocks, and given the ups and downs of the market, it's very easy to imagine that he told Anna he'd made a killing at Steiner-Rouse, enough to explain his spending spree after April, ... more
      • Re: "Anna's Suffering"Sue for Jack, Sat Jan 6 12:11
        Best to you and yours also, Jack! I guess I'd rather believe Anna wasn't involved in the crime.
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