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Sue for Jack
Re: "Anna's Suffering"
Sat Jan 6, 2018 12:11

Best to you and yours also, Jack!

I guess I'd rather believe Anna wasn't involved in the crime.

  • "Anna's Suffering"Jack, Fri Jan 5 20:16
    Thanks, Sue. Anna's been handled with kid gloves since the money was found in the garage, but sometimes I wonder how out of touch she wasw. There are reports of lots of new dresses for her trip, and... more
    • Anna Hauptmann, widow and mother bob mills for jack and forum, Sun Jan 7 10:15
      Hauptmann traded stocks, and given the ups and downs of the market, it's very easy to imagine that he told Anna he'd made a killing at Steiner-Rouse, enough to explain his spending spree after April, ... more
    • Re: "Anna's Suffering" — Sue for Jack, Sat Jan 6 12:11
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