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Sue for Sam
Yesterday's Witness
Sat Jan 6, 2018 19:18


Compare views of the Warner-Quinlan station with your photo!

This 1976 documentary by Christian Blackwood is called "Yesterday's Witness,"

See 42:44 frame for picture of the gas station. The view could possibly include the back of Fisch's apartment?!

The segment on the Lindbergh case begins at 41:50.

  • The gas station - then and now-ishSam, Mon Dec 4 11:27
    First, have a look at the Warner-Quinlan station in the days of BRH's arrest. I clipped this from a newsreel. Here's what it looks like now (or rather in 2007, on Rich's tour).
    • Yesterday's Witness — Sue for Sam, Sat Jan 6 19:18
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