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bob mills for sue and richard
Hauptmann as carpenter
Mon Jan 8, 2018 11:44

Hauptmann apparently made a decent living as a carpenter. A German immigrant with less than requisite skills for major work would not have done so, I feel sure.

When asked by Wilentz, "Did you build that ladder?" Hauptmann replied with a sneer, "I am a CARPENTER." Wilentz took that answer as proof of Hauptmann's Aryan arrogance, maybe without realizing that if Hauptmann had in fact built the ladder, he was ridiculing his own efforts...hardly the verbiage one would expect from a proud man who considered himself invulnerable (see Schonfeld analysis).

For me, finding examples of Hauptmann's work would confirm his skill. It would also be a great catch for Sue or Richard (or anyone).

  • Re: house Bruno builtSue, Sun Jan 7 13:27
    Yes, you too, Richard! Stay warm! Cars, for instance, can yield forensic evidence. I imagine carpentry work that was done to interior of houses, also, can establish authorship.
    • Hauptmann as carpenter — bob mills for sue and richard, Mon Jan 8 11:44
      • I am a capenter!Richard E Sloan, Tue Jan 9 09:35
        I think Bruno built the ladder and said "I am a carpenter" as a defensive ploy, to distance himself from the possibility that he could have built it. (By the way, he was claiming that it was a rank... more
      • Did Hauptmann Build That Ladder?Sue for Bob, Tue Jan 9 08:06
        Maybe Hauptmann needed a translator? Maybe not. He answered intelligently and cleverly like someone who fully understood what he was being asked. I think there was a big difference between how he... more
        • "I AM A CARPENTER" (dismissively)bob mills for sue and rrichard, Wed Jan 10 05:36
          We now have two Bruno Richard Hauptmanns to consider. One is the Aryan supremacist of Dudley Schonfeld's imagining, who saw himself as beyond human limitations, inflexible, always unwilling to admit... more
    • Fisch houseRichard Sloan, Mon Jan 8 09:46
      This pictufre of the gas sta. backed by Fisch's house makes me think that STeve and I only looked for the spiritual place on the right (south) sd. of the street, and I didnt realize that his house... more
      • Liberty Magazine, 1935Sue, Mon Jan 8 22:58
        I believe those photos are from an article from Liberty Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 4, Liberty Pub., 1935.
      • Another View of Warner-Quinlan StationSue for Richard, Mon Jan 8 22:46
        Here is another view of the Warner-Quinlan gas station... And also the two filling attendants! I'm not sure what book these pictures are from.
        • gas sta. pic in clippingRichard E Sloan, Tue Jan 9 09:46
          That appears to be from a magazine, not a book. A great picture. Do you see the man walking up the street with theh ladder? I thought that was funny.
          • Travel Channel news on Booth and BrunoRichard E Sloan, Tue Jan 9 10:05
            First, just or Lincoln assassinaton students: -- Mike Kauffman, THE expert on John Wilkes Booth, tells me that the episode of "Mysteries of the Museum" on the Travel CHannel that he will be on,... more
      • Esso Station at 130th StreetSue for Richard, Mon Jan 8 22:13
        And why did Hauptmann choose the filling station at 127th Street and Lexington Avenue instead of the Esso station at 130 Street? Cheaper gas? Walter Winchell's memoir, Winchell Exclusive: Things That ... more
        • WInchell on gasSUe , Tue Jan 9 09:40
          First of all, Sue, are you saying that at that late date Winchell pulled a Sue Campbell and actually did great research to find out how much ea. of the 2 gas stations was charging that many years ago ... more
          • Esso Station in 1934Sue for Richard, Tue Jan 9 12:58
            No. But a picture of the Esso station in 1934 may have provided the answer for Mr. Walter Winchell. The picture of the Warner-Quinlan station shows a sign saying gas was 13 cents per gallon? Esso... more
            • Winchell full of gasRichard E Sloan, Wed Jan 10 09:17
              Interesting observation, Sue. Winchell was the most hated and feared reporter. Anna hated him, too, of course. Hardly anyone attended his funeral.
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