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Richard E Sloan
I am a capenter!
Tue Jan 9, 2018 09:35

I think Bruno built the ladder and said "I am a carpenter" as a defensive ploy, to distance himself from the possibility that he could have built it. (By the way, he was claiming that it was a rank ameteur job he would never have built, but that ladder was a very clever project with its dowels and 3-part construction. A rank ameteur couldn't have made it. On the other hand, it contradicts my thinking about the closet molding, when confronted with that pc. of evidence. When Foley asked him about the writing on it, it was pretty dumb of him to say, in effect, "well, maybe I was just...," and "it looks like my..." It was an obvious accusation, and he should have vehemently denied it and (if innocent) realized he was being framed and said so. Why on earth didn't he just say, I don't know how that writing got on there; I didn't put it there; what are you guys pulling?" You can tell me that there was a language barrier, or that Foley was bamboozing him, but I don't buy that.

  • Hauptmann as carpenterbob mills for sue and richard, Mon Jan 8 11:44
    Hauptmann apparently made a decent living as a carpenter. A German immigrant with less than requisite skills for major work would not have done so, I feel sure. When asked by Wilentz, "Did you build... more
    • Very well said Richard. Myself, I think Hauptman would have made a much better ladder than the LKC one because he was semi-skilled at least in carpentry. The German people are a proud sort to start... more
    • I am a capenter! — Richard E Sloan, Tue Jan 9 09:35
    • Did Hauptmann Build That Ladder?Sue for Bob, Tue Jan 9 08:06
      Maybe Hauptmann needed a translator? Maybe not. He answered intelligently and cleverly like someone who fully understood what he was being asked. I think there was a big difference between how he... more
      • "I AM A CARPENTER" (dismissively)bob mills for sue and rrichard, Wed Jan 10 05:36
        We now have two Bruno Richard Hauptmanns to consider. One is the Aryan supremacist of Dudley Schonfeld's imagining, who saw himself as beyond human limitations, inflexible, always unwilling to admit... more
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