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Re: Yesterday's Witness (1976)
Wed Jan 10, 2018 14:07

The foot print on the video looks like a bare foot or maybe a foot with a sock on. Is this and actual photo of the footprint found? The video says the babys body was found in a wooded area of the Lindbergh estate. Was the location the body was found Lindbergh property? I'd never heard that before.

  • Yesterday's Witness (1976)Sue, Sat Jan 6 19:26
    Yesterday's Witness (1976) Documentary on the American Newsreel Christian Blackwood Lindbergh kidnapping case starts at frame 41:50.
    • Re: Yesterday's Witness (1976) — kristy, Wed Jan 10 14:07
      • Re: Yesterday's Witness (1976)Sue, Thu Jan 11 22:55
        Not sure about that footage, Kristy. Also, I've read several accounts that attribute the Mount Rose location of the corpse as having been found on Lindbergh property.
    • "Yesterday's Witness"Richard E Sloan, Sun Jan 7 10:40
      I've had this video for the last few days, purchased online. It's on my desk waiting to be viewed! Steve and I went around the corner looking for the Fisch place and it was further down the block,... more
      • Accuracy of LocationsSue for Richard, Sun Jan 7 13:19
        In your opinion, do the arrows in the picture on page 10 accurately indicate the locations of Fisch's apartment and Reverend Peter Birritella's? See:... more
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