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Richard E Sloan
beer garden nr. Bruno's and Travel CHannel docu.
Sat Jan 13, 2018 16:36

I took a look at the beer garden's address on the Google earth satelite. Today that address is a block and a half NE of Bruno's house. As I zoomed in towards it, I looked around and saw Bruno's house to the left and then down Needham.
Very interesting to hear Bruno commenting about hanging the kidnapper (accord. to Quippone, at least!) You continue to amaze me, Sue!
The "Mysteries of the Museum" episode on the Lincoln assassination is airing over the next 2 more days on the Travel Channel. It was a bust. The footage of the beautiful Kate Larsen (a student of the Mary Surratt case) and my friend Mike Kauffman (arguably the best authority on Booth and definitely the best expert on the subj. of his escape), appears to have been butchered to death. Perhaps they were "pre-empted" in favor of a guy at the end of the episode which the producers may have believed would be more entertaining for the general audience. For the last 40 yrs. the guy (Nate Orlowek)has been arguing that someone else was shot in Booth's place at Garrett's farm, and that the real Booth died in Enid, OK and was a mummy at carnival shows in the 30's and 40's. It's a dumb bit of fiction that started with a book by a Finis Bates, but Orlawek won't let it go. He actually believes the hoax. The episode had so much promise. The photography was great; the archival photos were of super quality, and the narrator is an utter delight. Elements were well shot, but there were a few glaring errors. I only tell you all of this bec., as I mentioned here almost two months ago, I worked with the same show (but with a different director) on an upcoming episode about the Lindbergh kidnapping. That director wrote it himself and imagined all the shots. He told me he took a crash course on the case, and at lunch beforehand on the day of the shoot he proved to me that he knows most of his stuff. I think very highly of him, and as long as he had total control in post-production, I expect and hope his episode will be better than the Lincoln one. So let's not lose hope. (I only pray that he didn't take shots of me in front of Dr.Condon's and at St. Raymond's cemetery that were too close up. That would be enough to ruin the whole episode!) Seriously, while the Lincoln episode was a disappointment, I have a feeling that the Lindbergh case episode will be much better. (And unless there's butchering the way Mike Kauffman's and Kate Larsen's appearances were, how can you go wrong with Mark Falzini and Harry Kazman as my "co-stars"!? )

  • Al QuipponeSue for Richard Sloan, Sat Jan 13 10:49
    (Al Quippone, NOT Al Capone's connection to the Lindbergh case!) According to the Daily Argus: Al Quippone was a gas station attendant near Hauptmann's home, where Hauptmann regularly bought gas for... more
    • "Old Sparky" bookRichard E Sloan, Wed Jan 24 11:01
      I just read the 8 pgs. on the Lindbergh case in "Old SParky," by Irishman Anthony Galvin, described on the dj as "a highly experienced crime journalist." I borrowed it from a local library. It sells... more
    • beer garden nr. Bruno's and Travel CHannel docu. — Richard E Sloan, Sat Jan 13 16:36
      • the booth mythbob mills for richard and forum, Sat Jan 20 14:59
        In Caroline County, Virginia, many locals still believe Booth escaped and that the man with Herold at Garrett's Farm was a Confederate named J.W. Boyd. I agree with you that it's a myth, Richard.... more
        • mummyRichard E Sloan, Sun Jan 21 13:53
          I think the same doc who said (and Orlowek is quick to cite) that the corpse at the autopsy on the monitor deck didn't bear any resemblance to Booth then saw and recognized his prior work on the man. ... more
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