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bob mills for michael
what were the odds?
Sun Jan 14, 2018 07:48

Michael, the Goldwater Rule wouldn't have applied to Schonfeld in any legal sense. Obviously, it came 40 years too late. I had (years) earlier made the case that Schonfeld had acted unprofessionally in analyzing Hauptmann without ever meeting him, let alone examining him. My postings were met with scorn at the time. i feel justified in knowing that professional psychiatrists agree with me.

Regardless of Hauptmann's own sense of vulnerability, and allowing for the fact that a disguise would have troubled Anna, consider the matter of Hauptmann-as-Cemetery John from the cops' standpoint. Every cop on the beat had Cemetery John's description. The cop who arrested him would have been a national hero. Hauptmann frequented City Island, where Condon himself spent summers. He quit his job. And yet this Public Enemy Number One wandered around town for 2-1/2 years, never once being stopped for questioning. What were the odds, Michael? Do we need a doctorate in mathematics to know it was a virtual impossibility?

  • Re: schonfeld and the goldwater ruleMichael 5260, Sat Jan 13 12:07
    Hauptmann wasn't nuts. Not in the legal sense. He knew right from wrong and had many opportunities on the night of the kidnapping to turn his car around and go home. He choose not to do so. Dudley... more
    • what were the odds? — bob mills for michael, Sun Jan 14 07:48
      • Re: what were the odds?Michael 5260, Sun Jan 14 11:41
        Schonfeld didn't personally examine or analyze Hauptmann. He examined and analyzed the contents of the ransom notes and developed a profile of the kidnapper. I can't fault Schonfeld for giving a... more
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