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Bruno's Beer Garden
Sun Jan 14, 2018 13:25

Google says it's an eight-minute walk.

  • Address ComparisonsSue, Sat Jan 13 10:24
    Hauptmann's address: 1279 East 222nd Street Joseph Henzmann's Beer Garden address: 1321 East 223rd Street Al Quippone's address: 1325 East 222nd Street (Al Quippone and HIS connection to the... more
    • Bruno's Beer Garden — Sam, Sun Jan 14 13:25
      • Bruno walk to beer gardenRichard , Mon Jan 15 09:52
        I think Needham now runs up to 223rd, so you dont have to walk all the way Schieffelin and then back on 222nd. Back in he 30's perh. you did (or could walk the other way -- to Boston Post Road -- or... more
      • East 222nd Street and Needham Avenue!Sue for Sam, Sun Jan 14 21:57
        I think this Leslie Jones photograph is a great view, and a great feel for what was beyond those woods! Also, check out the street signs on the telephone pole! The picture can be made larger, and... more
        • aerial viewRichard E Sloan, Mon Jan 15 09:55
          I have an aerial view taken at that time. I'll have to see what it shows. I don't know how to send it if it's worth showing. It was one of 2 pics that helped me determine the exact footprint of the... more
          • Re: aerial viewSue for Richard, Mon Jan 15 10:07
            That would be great! I hope you can find a way to send it!
            • Re: aerial viewSue, Wed Jan 17 02:34
              Even further back! Where, Oh, Where is Hans Heizmann's Bavarian Beer Garden in this photo!... more
              • Re: aerial viewSue, Wed Jan 17 19:52
              • Re: aerial viewSue, Wed Jan 17 19:41
              • Re: aerial viewSue, Wed Jan 17 15:40
              • Re: aerial viewAnonymous, Wed Jan 17 02:36
            • AERIAL viewSam, Mon Jan 15 18:38
              I think I got this from Richard...
              • One more imageSam, Tue Jan 16 10:52
                • ber gardenRichard E Sloan, Wed Jan 17 10:28
                  Why are we knocking ourselves out? Tom Vasti or Tom Casey of the Bx. showed me a photo of COndon's Unca real estate office on City Island. It was taken in the 1930's or 40's, when the city of NY had... more
                • aerials around Bruno'sRichard E Sloan, Wed Jan 17 10:19
                  yeah, I think I sent you this, Sam. I have another one that's an even wider view, and I looked at it yesterday hoping to find the 223rd St. beer garden. Alas, it only shows the 2 houses on 2223rd... more
              • Re: AERIAL viewSue for Sam, Mon Jan 15 19:08
                This picture is fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sam!
      • A Cinder Path to A Deeply Wooded LaneSue, Sun Jan 14 14:21
        "[Hauptmann's] house and garage are not more than 200 yards west of the busy Boston Post Road. The cinder path called Needham Avenue leads back to 223rd Street, which is only a lane through a deeply... more
      • A Dirt Road Cut Through the Rear of the PremisesSue for Sam, Sun Jan 14 13:52
        I don't believe everything I see digitally. We live in 2018, and we need to see things though the eyes of the people who were alive during 1934. According to Thomas Fensch's The FBI Files on the... more
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