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It's Just As Well
Mon Jan 15, 2018 18:21

It's just as well there's the Goldwater rule, although without it we might have been "spared" (for those of us who don't like him) President Donald Trump. I don't like terms like "pathological narcissist" and yet in the president's case it's a matter of if the shoe fits. None of this is germane to the Lindbergh case per se, though worth pondering all the same.

On the other hand, the shrinks had a field day with Adolf Hitler even before he came to power, and none of that stopped him. On a (vastly) more modest scale former vice president Richard Nixon was clearly a man full of resentments who held deep grudges against people whom he felt had hurt him prior to and, tragically, after he became president.

Yet this was common knowledge (as in his famous, bitter, post-gubernatorial defeat speech culminating in "you won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore"), was brought up during his 1968 presidential bid, and he still got elected. As to the professional ethics business I certainly agree that it's not a good thing to critique someone one has never met let alone, in Schonfeld's case, even treated.

The "on the couch" business has become a national psst-time among the educated bourgeoisie, and I was in a book group years ago that dealt with Dubya in just such a fashion, and it was great fun. My social worker sister helped lead the charge, though the book had already been written. For my part, I can't help but wonder what good any of this does. Bad guys have been winning for some time now. Look at Congress, the White House...


  • hauptmann and Schönfeldbob mills for jdb, Mon Jan 15 09:53
    Thanks, John. I agree with you, and with Michael Melsky, that Hauptmann was sane. My comments about Schonfeld weren't in regard to his competence, rather to his professional ethics. Granted that the... more
    • It's Just As Well — jdb, Mon Jan 15 18:21
      • trump and the goldwater rulebob mills for jdb, Tue Jan 16 09:32
        The New York Times article I cited mentioned the Goldwater Rule in the context of the question, "Is Trump sane?" It never cited Scho(e)nfeld or Hauptmann, but i made the connection here. I hear you... more
        • Politics & Sanityjdb, Tue Jan 16 15:52
          Sadly, Bob. the American political process has become unhinged. It's always been problematical, and yet it's become near unmanageable; and it's not even fun to follow anymore. We're in a near... more
          • 21st century politics, and wilentzbob mills for jdb, Tue Jan 16 18:59
            Thanks, John. Wilentz conducted a brutal prosecution of Hauptmann. It was the 1936 Berlin Olympics in reverse...a Jewish American prosecutor engaging in a vendetta against an Aryan defendant, with... more
            • correctionbob mills for forum, Mon Jan 22 13:37
              Allow me to correct a misstatement in this posting. Sean Wilentz is a professor at Princeton, but he is not David Wilentz' grandson. Otherwise the posting is accurate in claiming that David Wilentz... more
              • Much Appreciatedjdb, Mon Jan 22 15:00
                Your correction is much appreciated, Bob. By me anyway. I have to wonder, though, just how many people there are in New Jersey named Wilentz who are NOT related to David. It's not a common name but I ... more
                • distant cousin, maybe?bob mills for jdb, Tue Jan 23 14:31
                  It's quite remarkable, John. I first read about Sean Wilentz years ago (can't remember the source), and I'm sure the writer cited a family connection. You'd think someone named "Wilentz" in New... more
                  • Sean Wilentz & Familyjdb, Tue Jan 23 19:12
                    Bob, I looked Sean Wilentz up after I posted and his bio says he was born on New York City, a place even bigger than anyplace in Jersey, so I suppose it's not all that rational to assume that Sean is ... more
            • Painfuljdb, Tue Jan 16 19:22
              It was a painful election, Bob. Maybe the most excruciating for me at a personal level as I intensely disliked both candidates, and for different reasons. I can't even remember who I voted for except ... more
              • flawed justicebob mills for jdb and forum, Thu Jan 18 12:33
                You and I are on the same page here, John. I thought of the LKC while reading an article in today's New York Times that cited the state of Louisiana for the many times its state attorney refused to... more
                • Whited and HochmuthRichard E Sloan, Sun Jan 21 14:08
                  The obviously perjured testimony of those two should have been enough to have Wilentz censured. But Lindy's own ID of Bruno's voice after so long a time swayed the jury right at the outset. They may... more
                  • I Agreejdb, Tue Jan 23 03:12
                    I agree with everything you wrote, Richard. Lindbergh in particular was handled poorly,--scarcely handled at all, really--during the Hauptmann trial. The truth of everything he stated was taken for... more
                    • the last real hero?bob mills for jdb and forum, Wed Jan 24 05:00
                      Insightful comments, John. Lindy might have been the last American hero to transcend iconoclasm. And even he lost his lustre as a suspected anti-Semite and America First leader. He flew the Atlantic... more
                    • challenging LindyRichard E Sloan, Tue Jan 23 11:16
                      I dont think Reilly's mental health was a factor in not challenging CAL's testimony. I think that to have done so would have incensed the jury, rather than place any doubt in their minds. Dont... more
                • The Trialjdb, Sat Jan 20 23:54
                  Thanks, Bob. The LKC trial was a travesty, and Edward Reilly's conduct reprehensible. It's appalling what's permitted sometimes in our criminal justice system, and while it appears to be improved... more
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