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Michael 5260
Slicing up the $50,000
Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:36

In the nursery note there is the word "we" used twice giving the impression there is a group involved in the kidnapping. This is not known for sure at this point but we do know for sure there is at least one person responsible. The ransom note writer.

In the March 4 ransom note we find "two lady's kepinning care". On the reverse side of this note we find "we have to take another person to it". Now we have the ransom note writer plus three other people. A total of four.

On the reverse side of a ransom note there is "we have to but another lady to it". Now we have five people.

Wow, three ladies needed to take care of a 20 month old baby. I'm surprised the ransom note writer didn't put a pediatrician to it.

In the Boad Nelly note we find "two person are on the boad". Now we have seven people.

During one of the conversations that Cemetery John had with Dr. Condon John mentions an individual named #1. The big brain of the operation and John passes himself off as just a messenger. So with counting the entity named #1 we have eight people involved in the kidnapping, if we believe what is written in the ransom notes and what Cemetery John has to say.

Dividing the $50,00 up equally it comes down to $6,250 per person. Actually not even that amount. Cemetery John said #1 was getting a larger cut of the ransom.

Is $6,250 or less worth the danger, the massive heat from the authorities, and a possible one way ride in the electric chair. I don't think so. Also, with this many people spending Lindbergh ransom money the chances of being caught have increased eightfold.

At Saint Raymond's Cemetery the decision to accept the $50,000 not $70,000 was made by Cemetery John alone. He made this decision quickly without consulting with #1 or anyone else. This should tell a person who really was in charge of this kidnapping.

    • kidnappers, extortionists, and $$$$bob mills for michael and forum, Wed Jan 17 13:29
      Michael, $6,250. certainly isn't worth risking a date with the electric chair. For that matter, neither is $50,000. But consider that time in history, when kidnappings were a daily occurrence... more
      • Notes One and TwoJack, Thu Jan 18 02:47
        Then why were the first note and the second one each a part of the same long sheet of paper torn in half?
        • The paperSam, Wed Jan 24 16:54
        • ransom notes one and twobob mills for jack, Sun Jan 21 04:14
          I'll try to think like a detective, Jack. An extortionist would obviously have needed to show that he was part of the kidnap gang, in order to convince Jafsie and Lindy that the Eaglet would be... more
          • Re: ransom notes one and twoMichael 5260, Sun Jan 21 13:07
            The Nursery note and the March 4 ransom note were indeed once one piece of paper. The stationery was folded in half like a booklet in its original form and this is where it was torn in half. It would ... more
            • TimingJack, Wed Jan 24 00:55
              Especially with the time frame involved. A couple days at best and I even wonder about that. The note MAYBE was passed around to some forgers, then the paper had to be matched, and the ongoing... more
              • ransom note questionsbob mills for jack and michael, Wed Jan 24 06:20
                Let's assume for the sake of argument that Hauptmann alone wrote all the ransom notes. Do we conclude from this that he was a lone kidnapper? What did the cops think? If they had concluded, along... more
                • ?Jack, Thu Jan 25 08:25
                  Who is "editor's note"? Do you do that yourself so that you can look important? Who does it? Editor's note: The original writer may be senile - watch out!
                  • questions that are really insultsbob mills for jack, Fri Jan 26 04:18
                    "Editor's Note" is a rhetorical device used by writers to separate a thought from a narrative. Apparently you haven't read much in your life, or you'd know better than to ask that question. It's one... more
                  • Number of KidnappersJack, Thu Jan 25 08:32
                    We don't necessarily believe that there was only one kidnapper. But feel that, even after all these years, it is evidentually undetermined. Most likely and for sure there was at least one.
                • Re: ransom note questionsMichael 5260, Wed Jan 24 12:06
                  Bob, we do not have to assume Hauptmann wrote the ransom notes. There is no reason to pretend for the sake of argument. Hauptmann wrote all the ransom notes, addressed the envelopes, and wrote Dr.... more
                  • we'll have to agree to disagreebob mills for michael, Wed Jan 24 14:16
                    Michael, my assumption has always been that Hauptmann went to the electric chair because the gang working for Capone used a mob threat against him, one that wasn't fully understood until years later, ... more
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