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bob mills for michael and forum
kidnappers, extortionists, and $$$$
Wed Jan 17, 2018 13:29

Michael, $6,250. certainly isn't worth risking a date with the electric chair. For that matter, neither is $50,000. But consider that time in history, when kidnappings were a daily occurrence (actually more than daily, with over 1,000 reported in 1931 and many others going unreported).

Kidnapping in 1932 was the equivalent of insider trading on Wall Street. In case after case, the child was returned safely to its family, the ransom was paid, and nothing further was said or done. The press called it the "snatch racket." When Hauptmann was arrested, in order to indict him for a capital crime, Wilentz had to pretend that Hauptmann's real target wasn't the Eaglet, it was his sleeping suit! Why? Because a separate burglary charge had to stand alongside the kidnapping charge in order to create felony murder. Kidnapping by itself was not a felony.

Gang kidnaps the Eaglet. The Eaglet dies by accident. The gang scatters, but doesn't tell Capone's men that they'd screwed up, for obvious reasons. Now the extortionists take over, invited in by Condon's memo in the newspaper. Fisch is Cemetery John (which fits with Condon's mention of a "hacking cough"), and decides to settle for $50,000. because that's what he and fellow extortionist Hauptmann had agreed upon together (the ransom note had gotten into circulation). Fisch realizes he has TB and heads for Germany for treatment, never to return, taking his share of the ransom. Hauptmann keeps the rest, spends part, is arrested with $14,000. With Fisch dead, Hauptmann pretends it was all Fisch's money from the start. Nobody believes him, naturally.

That's how I see it, anyway.

  • Slicing up the $50,000Michael 5260, Wed Jan 17 11:36
    In the nursery note there is the word "we" used twice giving the impression there is a group involved in the kidnapping. This is not known for sure at this point but we do know for sure there is at... more
    • kidnappers, extortionists, and $$$$ — bob mills for michael and forum, Wed Jan 17 13:29
      • Notes One and TwoJack, Thu Jan 18 02:47
        Then why were the first note and the second one each a part of the same long sheet of paper torn in half?
        • The paperSam, Wed Jan 24 16:54
        • ransom notes one and twobob mills for jack, Sun Jan 21 04:14
          I'll try to think like a detective, Jack. An extortionist would obviously have needed to show that he was part of the kidnap gang, in order to convince Jafsie and Lindy that the Eaglet would be... more
          • Re: ransom notes one and twoMichael 5260, Sun Jan 21 13:07
            The Nursery note and the March 4 ransom note were indeed once one piece of paper. The stationery was folded in half like a booklet in its original form and this is where it was torn in half. It would ... more
            • TimingJack, Wed Jan 24 00:55
              Especially with the time frame involved. A couple days at best and I even wonder about that. The note MAYBE was passed around to some forgers, then the paper had to be matched, and the ongoing... more
              • ransom note questionsbob mills for jack and michael, Wed Jan 24 06:20
                Let's assume for the sake of argument that Hauptmann alone wrote all the ransom notes. Do we conclude from this that he was a lone kidnapper? What did the cops think? If they had concluded, along... more
                • ?Jack, Thu Jan 25 08:25
                  Who is "editor's note"? Do you do that yourself so that you can look important? Who does it? Editor's note: The original writer may be senile - watch out!
                  • questions that are really insultsbob mills for jack, Fri Jan 26 04:18
                    "Editor's Note" is a rhetorical device used by writers to separate a thought from a narrative. Apparently you haven't read much in your life, or you'd know better than to ask that question. It's one... more
                    • "Editor's Note"Jack, Sun Jan 28 12:47
                      Well, you find the term "Editor's Note" in any book and tell me where it is! It's a never used term which is simply an unneeded addition to make the writer feel important. As a writer, Bob, you... more
                  • Number of KidnappersJack, Thu Jan 25 08:32
                    We don't necessarily believe that there was only one kidnapper. But feel that, even after all these years, it is evidentually undetermined. Most likely and for sure there was at least one.
                    • YearsJack, Sat Feb 3 16:16
                      For as many years as this crime has been examined. if there was any hot news such as an Al Capone connection it would surely have come out and be public knowledge by now. There is nothing like that... more
                    • NowJack, Thu Jan 25 09:15
                      You don't have to look more important to me, Bob. I know about you and have been impressed. Sorry for your illness, but I guess poop happens. Pretty crummy for sure! I've been lucky. Lotta years and... more
                • Re: ransom note questionsMichael 5260, Wed Jan 24 12:06
                  Bob, we do not have to assume Hauptmann wrote the ransom notes. There is no reason to pretend for the sake of argument. Hauptmann wrote all the ransom notes, addressed the envelopes, and wrote Dr.... more
                  • we'll have to agree to disagreebob mills for michael, Wed Jan 24 14:16
                    Michael, my assumption has always been that Hauptmann went to the electric chair because the gang working for Capone used a mob threat against him, one that wasn't fully understood until years later, ... more
                    • ReplyJack, Thu Jan 25 09:29
                      I'm not sure Michael watches this site regularly. I have a few answers just from mine and general knowledge about the case. Do you have anything backing up the Velachi statement. Sounds very not... more
                    • Re: we'll have to agree to disagreeMichael 5260, Wed Jan 24 15:58
                      Bob, I can't conceive of why Capone and his gang would have been interested in the Lindbergh baby. It is speculated that Capone and his crew were raking in $60 to $100 million per year. Capone... more
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