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Meet Hauptmann's Neighbors!
Fri Jan 19, 2018 01:02

Gustave,the barkeeper, who pours drinks for Hauptmann at Hans' Bavarian Beer Garden.

Mrs. M.E. Hart -- lives right behind Hauptmann's house and a little to the west -- a friendly Irish woman.

Mrs. Edward S. Zeigler of 3641 Boston Road (around the corner apiece.)

Angelo -- an iceman who lives nearby.

Mrs. Mary Grimaldi, lives across the road at 1234 222nd Street.

John Schneider of 1311 East 222nd Street -- plays pinochle with Hauptmann.

Hauptmann's landlady known as "Old Lady Raush"

Miss W. Buhren, who lives next door to the Hauptmann home. (She is quoted as saying that Hauptmann was the best neighbor you could ask for.)

Tony Greico lives at 1416 Needham Avenue. (1418 in another account)

Chris Van Buren, a retired ship steward formerly in the employ of the North German Lloyd.

Mrs. Oscar Amend operates a delicatessen store on Boston Post Road. (She thought she had given change for a lot of Lindbergh money.)

Schessler (spelling?) lives? in the rear of the Rausch (spelling?) home. (Rausch home = Hauptmann home) (Rauch)

One of the winding paths that lead to a nearby beer garden, a RUSTIC STUBE where Hauptmann often lingered over a glass of lager. (Hans Heinzmann's beer garden)

Al Guippone address given as 1325 222nd Street.

(Mostly taken from the Pittsburgh Press, September 1934)

    • The German Enclave in the BronxSue, Fri Jan 19 20:38
      Hauptmann was surrounded by many neighbors of German descent in his Bronx home at 1279 222nd Street and Needham Avenue. Robert Zorn's book has a wealth of resource, research, and scientific findings. ... more
    • Hauptmann Was Mystery ManSue, Fri Jan 19 01:13
      "Suspect Was Mystery Man to Neighbors" The Pittsburgh Press September 21, 1934 See page 3.
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