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Hauptmann Was Mystery Man
Fri Jan 19, 2018 01:13

"Suspect Was Mystery Man to Neighbors"

The Pittsburgh Press

September 21, 1934

See page 3.

  • Meet Hauptmann's Neighbors!Sue, Fri Jan 19 01:02
    Gustave,the barkeeper, who pours drinks for Hauptmann at Hans' Bavarian Beer Garden. Mrs. M.E. Hart -- lives right behind Hauptmann's house and a little to the west -- a friendly Irish woman. Mrs.... more
    • The German Enclave in the BronxSue, Fri Jan 19 20:38
      Hauptmann was surrounded by many neighbors of German descent in his Bronx home at 1279 222nd Street and Needham Avenue. Robert Zorn's book has a wealth of resource, research, and scientific findings. ... more
    • Hauptmann Was Mystery Man — Sue, Fri Jan 19 01:13
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