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The German Enclave in the Bronx
Fri Jan 19, 2018 20:38

Hauptmann was surrounded by many neighbors of German descent in his Bronx home at 1279 222nd Street and Needham Avenue.

Robert Zorn's book has a wealth of resource, research, and scientific findings. The main focus of the book is a German, John Knoll, but where are any of the German names I've listed below? (I think Edward T. Repper, who lived in a house right behind the Hauptmanns, and that faced Needham Avenue, was also a German.)

I think that Hans Heinzmann's German Beer Garden was a lot closer to the house than what Google informs.

I'm sure if any researcher found ANYTHING dynamite about the Lindbergh case, that that person would include it in their book, no?

Sure they would.

I think it's strange that Joseph Henzmann (Hans Heinzmann) took his own life.

Hauptmann's Bronx house and its surroundings has taken on a whole different mystique for me.

Check out all the indexes of all the books about the Lindbergh kidnapping.

The indexes.

They matter.

The Bavarian Beer Garden matters, too.

And the German angle.

  • Meet Hauptmann's Neighbors!Sue, Fri Jan 19 01:02
    Gustave,the barkeeper, who pours drinks for Hauptmann at Hans' Bavarian Beer Garden. Mrs. M.E. Hart -- lives right behind Hauptmann's house and a little to the west -- a friendly Irish woman. Mrs.... more
    • The German Enclave in the Bronx — Sue, Fri Jan 19 20:38
    • Hauptmann Was Mystery ManSue, Fri Jan 19 01:13
      "Suspect Was Mystery Man to Neighbors" The Pittsburgh Press September 21, 1934 See page 3.
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