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Richard E Sloan
Mrs. Surratt and beer garden
Sat Jan 20, 2018 09:56

I forgot to mention Mrs. S in my last post, Sue. That's a cute comparing her boardinghouse to the beer garden. I got a kick out of it. I have to correct you, tho, about it being where the assassination was planned. For certain, only the kidnap plot was ever discussed there, and that did not include discussions with conspirators O'Laughlen and Arnold. The only possibility of assassination being talked about there is if Booth, because he stopped by on that day to give Mrs. Surratt binoculars to take with her to her tavern, which turned out to be on his escape route. SHe denied any knowledge of the assassination (or the kidnapping, for that matter). I don't recall the name of the man (a senator?) who branded the house as the nest where the egg was hatched.(Maybe it was Oren Hatch? HEH-HEH!)

  • Mrs. Surratt and beer gardenRichard E Sloan, Sat Jan 20 09:45
    Sue, how about you and me and Steve drive up to Bruno's house and walk from there to the beer garden site? I'll bring a copy of my aerial photo with me (which, as I said, doesn't include the beer... more
    • Visit to the BronxSue for Richard, Sat Jan 20 13:22
      I think it's a great idea to pay another visit to the Bronx with you and Steve! I will gather together a list of addresses! I told Steve, and he wants to go!
      • mini Bx visitRichard E Sloan, Sat Jan 20 22:30
        OK, Sue and Steve! Let's work on March dates on the phone. I only have Steve's ph. no. I already printed out your post of 1/19, with all the "neighbors' " addresses, (Zeigler, Grimaldi, Schneider,... more
    • Mrs. Surratt and beer garden — Richard E Sloan, Sat Jan 20 09:56
      • "she kept the nest where the plot was hatched"bob mills for richard, Sat Jan 20 15:48
        Richard, it was (President) Andrew Johnson who described the Surratt boardinghouse as "the nest where the egg was hatched." This was his rationale for refusing the clemency importunities of Anna... more
        • Mrs. SRichard E Sloan, Sat Jan 20 22:25
          I agree with you 100%.
      • The Nest Where the Egg Was HatchedSue for Richard, Sat Jan 20 13:46
        I haven't looked at the Lincoln assassination in quite a while, but I just wanted to get the IDEA out there about the Surratt boarding house possibly being analogous to Hans' Bavarian Beer Garden! I... more
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