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Richard E Sloan
Sun Jan 21, 2018 13:53

I think the same doc who said (and Orlowek is quick to cite) that the corpse at the autopsy on the monitor deck didn't bear any resemblance to Booth then saw and recognized his prior work on the man. James O. Hall saw the mummy at one of those side shows as a kid, and a guy in Alexandria, VA by the name of Larry Mooney was rumored to have it c. 1977. I spoke to him and asked, but he was very cagey and wouldn't admit to anything. That meant to me that he, in fact, had it and was afraid it would be stolen. ( Or maybe there were state laws governing someone having a mummy?) Sure cant put something like that in a safe deposit box!) I can't believe it was thrown out in the trash. Didn't Al Jolson sing a song about it? ("The sun shines east; the sun shines west. I know where the sun shines best --its on my little mummy, nobody else's -- my little mummy.")

  • the booth mythbob mills for richard and forum, Sat Jan 20 14:59
    In Caroline County, Virginia, many locals still believe Booth escaped and that the man with Herold at Garrett's Farm was a Confederate named J.W. Boyd. I agree with you that it's a myth, Richard.... more
    • mummy — Richard E Sloan, Sun Jan 21 13:53
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