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I Agree
Tue Jan 23, 2018 03:12

I agree with everything you wrote, Richard. Lindbergh in particular was handled poorly,--scarcely handled at all, really--during the Hauptmann trial. The truth of everything he stated was taken for granted. That he was a much beloved national hero and a grieving father made him unassailable due to the temper of the times.

Now we've grown cynical. Parents, even parents with sterling reputations, personally and professionally, have been shown capable of murder. It appears that the "beyond criticism" kind of hero days are over, and I think we're better off as a nation on account of it. As to Ed Reilly's conduct during the trial, his impaired mental state was such as that he was in a poor position to question Charles Lindbergh sharply, point out inconsistencies in his story.


  • Whited and HochmuthRichard E Sloan, Sun Jan 21 14:08
    The obviously perjured testimony of those two should have been enough to have Wilentz censured. But Lindy's own ID of Bruno's voice after so long a time swayed the jury right at the outset. They may... more
    • I Agree — jdb, Tue Jan 23 03:12
      • the last real hero?bob mills for jdb and forum, Wed Jan 24 05:00
        Insightful comments, John. Lindy might have been the last American hero to transcend iconoclasm. And even he lost his lustre as a suspected anti-Semite and America First leader. He flew the Atlantic... more
      • challenging LindyRichard E Sloan, Tue Jan 23 11:16
        I dont think Reilly's mental health was a factor in not challenging CAL's testimony. I think that to have done so would have incensed the jury, rather than place any doubt in their minds. Dont... more
        • Reilly In Courtjdb, Tue Jan 23 13:16
          My word usage wasn't quite right, Richard. As to my take on Reilly's conduct in court he likely correctly assessed the situation re any questioning of the truth or integrity of Lindbergh and chose... more
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