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bob mills for jdb
distant cousin, maybe?
Tue Jan 23, 2018 14:31

It's quite remarkable, John. I first read about Sean Wilentz years ago (can't remember the source), and I'm sure the writer cited a family connection. You'd think someone named "Wilentz" in New Jersey would be related to David, as you suggest. Wikipedia cites no connection to the family dynasty, however.

Sean Wilentz had an op-ed piece in the New York Times the other day. It was very critical of Trump & Co.

  • Much Appreciatedjdb, Mon Jan 22 15:00
    Your correction is much appreciated, Bob. By me anyway. I have to wonder, though, just how many people there are in New Jersey named Wilentz who are NOT related to David. It's not a common name but I ... more
    • distant cousin, maybe? — bob mills for jdb, Tue Jan 23 14:31
      • Sean Wilentz & Familyjdb, Tue Jan 23 19:12
        Bob, I looked Sean Wilentz up after I posted and his bio says he was born on New York City, a place even bigger than anyplace in Jersey, so I suppose it's not all that rational to assume that Sean is ... more
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