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Richard E Sloan
"Old Sparky" book
Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:01

I just read the 8 pgs. on the Lindbergh case in "Old SParky," by Irishman Anthony Galvin, described on the dj as "a highly experienced crime journalist." I borrowed it from a local library. It sells for $35. What a waste. He quotes CJ as having said, Would I "Burn if the package were dead."The next sentence reads, "...$50,000 was handed over to a cab driver." He quotes a final Bruno statement," which the author prints in its entirety (exc. for one ellipse.). I don't recall eve reading it before, and Galvin's source is not given. It is beautifully written, with no grammatical errors or misspelling. Why doesnt it seem familiar to me? If legit and I just cant recall it, who helped him draft it? Or who re-wrote it in later years? Does anyone know? I can't quote it here; it's too long.

  • Al QuipponeSue for Richard Sloan, Sat Jan 13 10:49
    (Al Quippone, NOT Al Capone's connection to the Lindbergh case!) According to the Daily Argus: Al Quippone was a gas station attendant near Hauptmann's home, where Hauptmann regularly bought gas for... more
    • "Old Sparky" book — Richard E Sloan, Wed Jan 24 11:01
    • beer garden nr. Bruno's and Travel CHannel docu.Richard E Sloan, Sat Jan 13 16:36
      I took a look at the beer garden's address on the Google earth satelite. Today that address is a block and a half NE of Bruno's house. As I zoomed in towards it, I looked around and saw Bruno's house ... more
      • the booth mythbob mills for richard and forum, Sat Jan 20 14:59
        In Caroline County, Virginia, many locals still believe Booth escaped and that the man with Herold at Garrett's Farm was a Confederate named J.W. Boyd. I agree with you that it's a myth, Richard.... more
        • mummyRichard E Sloan, Sun Jan 21 13:53
          I think the same doc who said (and Orlowek is quick to cite) that the corpse at the autopsy on the monitor deck didn't bear any resemblance to Booth then saw and recognized his prior work on the man. ... more
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