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Michael 5260
Give me that old time red herring.
Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:47

Here is John M. Trendley's testimony about which hand wrote the ransom notes.

Q. Now, I understood you to testify that the first note, the crib note, had been written with the left hand?

A. Yes.

Q. How did you determine that?

A. Well, I practiced myself.

Q. Show me how you practiced.

A. I found in writing that I had great trouble, I couldn't use my wrist, because my whole weight was laying on my wrist.

Q. Now if a person wrote the crib note with his left hand and wrote the subsequent notes with his right hand, they naturally would be different, wouldn't they?

A. He wrote the first four lines of the second note with his left hand. Then he turned to his right hand.

Q. So that the difference in the use of hands would account for the dissimilarity?

A. Oh, it is very striking.

The only thing that is striking is the stupidity of the testimony. This is an example of saying something without actually saying anything.

"There is a dearth of evidence in handwriting from which handedness can be determined".
Fundamentals of Document Examination, Edna W. Robertson, p.222

"... unable to discover any consistent feature of a handwriting which would infallibly indicate which hand was used".
Suspect Documents: Their Scientific Examination, Wilson R. Harrison, p.369

The point should not be missed. There is no certain and unquestionable way to determine from the handwriting whether it was written with the left hand or the right.

When a person writes with their right hand or their left do they throw their whole body weight on their wrist? Of course they don't, unless they were standing on their head when writing.

Anyone that normally writes with their right hand can write with their left hand and anyone that normally writes with their left hand can write with their right hand. This is called opposite hand, awkward hand, or wrong handed writing. It is also called left handed writing since most people write right handed. When this is done the writing exhibits uncertain muscular control, slow and uncertain movements, awkward and sometimes indistinguishable letter forms, tremor, a varying or exaggerated writing slant, or both, and an irregular baseline. Trendley mentioned none of these characteristics. He dithered about all his weight on his wrist.

I'm surprised Trendley didn't tell the jury the color of the suit and shoes the writer was wearing when they wrote the ransom notes.

    • TrendleyJack, Fri Feb 9 16:04
      Red herring is a nice way to put it. I have more descriptive words for it.
      • Re: TrendleyMichael 5260 for Jack, Sat Feb 10 08:00
        Hi Jack. There are plenty more obfuscations in Trendley's testimony. Dare the two of us explore, in detail, his testimony? Trendley has always been the flavor of the week regarding the LKC... more
        • TrendleyJack, Sat Feb 10 15:31
          I don't know much about Trendley but sounds like it would be fun looking into him, so I'll follow your advice. Doesn't sound like much of a handwriting examiner - self appointed?
          • Re: TrendleyMichael 5260 for Jack, Sun Feb 11 12:00
            Trendley doesn't find any identification value in the "x's" found in the ransom notes and also found in Hauptmann's automobile documents. They are also found in Hauptmann's address book where he... more
            • H HandwritingJack for Michael 5260, Mon Feb 12 03:39
              Good diagnosis. I thought the NYPD could have caught Hauptmann earlier by the license cards and the x. At the time they thought it would have been too much work I guess, but if they would have used... more
              • Re: H HandwritingMichael 5260 for Jack and Joe, Mon Feb 12 11:08
                Jack, you can Google, MSN, or Yahoo search engines and find John Trendley's handwriting testimony. Once you have a printout in front of you we can go through it all. This hasn't been done before... more
              • Re: H HandwritingJoe, Mon Feb 12 06:56
                Great discussion, guys. Yes it may be somewhat hindsight regarding the whodunit, but I fully agree investigators should have put the effort into what Leigh Matteson suggested, something which had far ... more
                • MattesonJack, Fri Feb 16 15:08
                  Well, of course "Matteson's idea" was correct, but hadn't Finn thought of it earlier and been turned town? Was a no brainer and mentioned above and on the forum many times. Perhaps not mentioned on... more
                  • Re: MattesonJoe for Jack, Fri Feb 16 19:46
                    I don't know for sure who thought of the idea first, but I thought it was Matteson who suggested it to Finn. Regardless, there was so much there in that brief license application card.. what's... more
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