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The Nippu Jiji
Sat Feb 10, 2018 20:00

The Nippu Jiji was the leading Japanese Daily Newspaper in Hawaii.

Did you know that?

Check out the Hoover Institute Library & Archives Japanese Diaspora Initiative from Stanford, California. In particular, the Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection.

An article by James L. Kilgallen called "Too Many Clues Balk Fact Finding in Lindbergh Case" was published on March 9, 1936." Too many clues" was the problem with the Lindbergh case, according to criminologist Robert W. Hicks.

Another of the many interesting articles that can be accessed is called "Japanese Writer Believes Lindbergh Kidnapping Case an Act of Revenge." Mr. Edogawa Rampo (Ranpo) was the mystery writer's name.

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