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Tue Feb 20, 2018 00:06

Good stuff Michael!

  • John M. Trendley, Mr. HelpfulMichael 5260, Mon Feb 19 12:25
    Trendley's artificial veneer starts falling off quickly at Hauptmann's trial. Q. Mr. Trendley, you are an imitator of handwriting, are you not? A. Yes, sir. Q. And you claim that you can speedily... more
    • Re: John M. Trendley, Mr. HelpfulJoe , Tue Feb 20 10:22
      I thought Trendley actually helped the prosecution more than the defense when he attempted to demonstrate differences within Hauptmann's acknowledged writing and the ransom notes. They just weren't... more
      • Re: John M. Trendley, Mr. HelpfulMichael 5260, Tue Feb 20 12:40
        Hi Joe. There will always be similarities and differences to be found when working an anonymous letter case. An examiner had better find both if they want to avoid making an error. They both need to... more
    • See Below — j, Tue Feb 20 00:06
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