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Michael 5260
Re: John M. Trendley, Mr. Helpful
Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:40

Hi Joe. There will always be similarities and differences to be found when working an anonymous letter case. An examiner had better find both if they want to avoid making an error. They both need to be considered carefully before expressing a conclusion about the handwriting.

It is a given that anonymous letters will have handwriting differences. You have to determine if it is caused by a different writer or multiple writers, is there an intentional handwriting disguise observable, and what amount of natural variation is present in the handwriting. These things will all produce differences.

Trendley tried to confuse the jury and he failed because he underestimated the intelligence of the jurors. What he needed was a 2018 jury.

We are not done with Trendley. He hung himself with his own testimony.

  • Re: John M. Trendley, Mr. HelpfulJoe , Tue Feb 20 10:22
    I thought Trendley actually helped the prosecution more than the defense when he attempted to demonstrate differences within Hauptmann's acknowledged writing and the ransom notes. They just weren't... more
    • Re: John M. Trendley, Mr. Helpful — Michael 5260, Tue Feb 20 12:40
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