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Joe for Michael
Re: Hauptmann's dictionary
Mon Feb 26, 2018 08:20

Excellent post Michael, and I didn't realize Hauptmann's dictionary was missing. I've heard differing accounts on the subject of certain words being noted in the dictionary by investigators. A thought.. in the absence of the dictionary, can a sampling of correctly-spelt "more difficult" words somehow be pulled together from Hauptmann's known and acknowledged writings, to see if a comparative relationship exists?

I've always considered Wilentz's comment a reference to Hauptmann's conscious desire to improve his command of language, be it German or English. Dictionary student yes, but only those words which were almost unfathomable in his mind, and that he wouldn't otherwise have had a prayer in getting right.

He also could have been trying to confuse the reader through good writing / bad writing.. now you see it, now you don't. The effect seems pretty transparent though. I also believe a conscious part of his thought process, wanted to make himself appear more intelligent than he was, in relation to his direct dealings with someone he admired but reviled at the same time, Charles Lindbergh.

As a schoolchild, Hauptmann had a rough go from others who teased him for his writing and speech tics. He admitted as much to the team of psychiatrists who interviewed him. Why would he admit this specific weakness to someone who might so easily have positively interpreted this tic within the context of the actual ransom note writings? This is where I believe he was on a path of confession and a plea of insanity through his first lawyer, James Fawcett.

  • Hauptmann's dictionaryMichael 5260, Sat Feb 24 16:57
    During one of my many visits to the Lindbergh archives I asked Mark Falzini about Hauptmann's dictionary. The one that investigators found when they were searching Hauptmann's apartment. Mark told me ... more
    • DictionariesJack, Sat Mar 3 17:36
      I'm sure I have nine or ten dics around here. Little pocket ones and an old big Webster's thumb-notched college edition. Hope that doesn't make me a "Dictionary Freak" because they all have about the ... more
    • Re: Hauptmann's dictionary — Joe for Michael, Mon Feb 26 08:20
      • Re: Hauptmann's dictionaryMichael 5260 for Joe, Mon Feb 26 10:12
        Wilentz mentioned that he would produce the dictionary at trial. As far as I know he didn't do it. This dictionary should have been turned over to Albert S. Osborn. He would have known how to work... more
        • Re: Hauptmann's dictionaryJoe for Michael, Mon Feb 26 14:25
          I know Hauptmann had a dictionary on death row for his letters, but I'm not sure if it was the one discovered at his house and which would have been taken into evidence. It seems unlikely he would... more
          • 9 German-English DictionariesSue for Joe and Michael, Tue Feb 27 19:43
            Newspapers, from roughly October 4-6, 1934, say that the police found nine German-English dictionaries in a trunk at Hauptmann's apartment in the Bronx. Below is a picture page from the Harrisburg... more
            • Re: 9 German-English DictionariesMichael 5260 for Sue, Joe, and Bob Mills, Wed Feb 28 10:45
              Great find Sue. Thank you. Nine dictionaries were found in Hauptmann's apartment.It certainly lends credence to the Wilentz statement that Hauptmann was a dictionary student or at least had a... more
              • nine dictionariesbob mills for michael and forum, Thu Mar 1 18:07
                I don't want to repeat myself. i agree that it makes little or no sense that the cops would plant extra bi-lingual dictionaries in Hauptmann's apartment. It makes even less sense (to me) that a man... more
                • Re: nine dictionariesJoe for Bob Mills, Fri Mar 2 08:21
                  Bob, now the that the dictionary dilemma has been put to bed, you're asking that we determine the state of Hauptmann's criminal mind? Good luck.. have you ever tried undoing a ball of hopelessly... more
                  • Condon?Jack, Mon Mar 5 05:25
                    There is much more evidentially against Condon, than about anyone before BRH was captured. Condon, with his known knowledge of the ongoing crime, was able to work his was into the inner workings of... more
              • dictionariesRichard E Sloan, Thu Mar 1 09:23
                I think it's funny how those 9 dictionaries has inspired such posts! It must have been a fetish, but that's not so strange. Too bad we can't tell when he bought ea. of them. It seems to me that he... more
              • Photo Includes 8 of the 9 DictionariesSue, Wed Feb 28 23:57
                Here is an Associated Press photo of the dictionaries...and maps. 8 of the 9 dictionaries are present here. Hauptmann Lindbergh 1934
                • Re: Photo Includes 8 of the 9 DictionariesMichael 5260 for Sue, Thu Mar 1 10:16
                  Another excellent find. Thank you again. Notice the covers of the eight dictionaries. They tell their own story. All eight of the dictionaries came from the same publisher. Their covers prove it. The ... more
                  • April 1932 Employment Time SheetSue for Michael 5260, Fri Mar 2 21:54
                    Hauptmann's time sheet for the week ending April 15, 1932 appears in the photo section of Scaduto's book between pages 320 and 321. Is that the one you are interested in?
                    • Re: April 1932 Employment Time SheetMichael 5260 for Sue, Sat Mar 3 09:51
                      That is the one Sue. It has the ink blobs on it. This is the time sheet that Scaduto and Kennedy salivated over. If my memory is correct the time sheet also caused Wayne D. Jones to experience "the... more
                  • Re: Photo Includes 8 of the 9 DictionariesJoe for Michael, Thu Mar 1 11:42
                    Michael, I think it may be a set of dictionaries, as I said before each covering a range of 1000 words. In the top left-hand corner, there is a numbering system ranging from 6 HEPT. through 12 HEPT.... more
                    • Re: Photo Includes 8 of the 9 DictionariesMichael 5260 for Joe, Thu Mar 1 12:09
                      Joe, it is certainly possible the dictionaries could be part of a complete set. We could find the answer quickly if we could study the originals. This is interesting. When Wilentz mentioned... more
                • Re: Photo Includes 8 of the 9 DictionariesJoe for Sue, Thu Mar 1 09:52
                  Great find with that photo, Sue! It's interesting that each of the dictionaries seems to represent a thousand English words. Are they commonly used, more difficult words? And perhaps this is a set of ... more
                  • A Box SetSue for Joe, Fri Mar 2 05:46
                    From what I can gather from information online: The series of 12 dictionaries was sold in a box as one unit -- a box set! They were originally sold in Europe, and are credited to a Dr. Ernst... more
                    • Re: A Box SetJoe for Sue, Fri Mar 2 07:30
                      Sue, yes that's what it is and nice work driving that one home! It now appears conclusive that Hauptmann had what was probably an earlier version of the same Wallenberg publication, only his volumes... more
              • hauptmann and his friend noah websterbob mills for michael and forum, Wed Feb 28 18:40
                Michael, I confess I don't understand it either. But given the proclivity of the police for planting evidence (do you really believe the thumb guard was there all along?), it's easier for me to... more
            • Re: 9 German-English DictionariesJoe for Sue, Wed Feb 28 10:25
              Thanks Sue for posting that. I can't read the article but if true, it seems Hauptmann had more than a passing interest in confirming his German to English translation.
            • you can't have too many dictionaries, evidentlybob mills for sue and forum, Wed Feb 28 04:46
              In a case overflowing with planted evidence, this looks like a crude effort by someone to prove something against Hauptmann. NINE German-English dictionaries? NINE? Who needs that many dictionaries?
              • Re: you can't have too many dictionaries, evidentlyJoe for Bob Mills, Wed Feb 28 09:38
                Bob, are you implying authorities actually went out of their way to "augment" Hauptmann's German-English dictionary supply?? If the newspaper story is true, could it be that not unlike the average,... more
                • nine dictionaries for the same job?bob mills for joe, Wed Feb 28 14:31
                  I don't know, Joe. I'd be willing to wager that nobody outside a library has ever kept nine separate translation dictionaries in a single apartment before. It isn't provable one way or the other,... more
                  • Re: nine dictionaries for the same job?Joe for Bob, Thu Mar 1 10:00
                    I'm not sure Bob, but I'd wager the ransom note writer was using more than his basic knowledge of the English language here. It seems reasonable to me that the multiple versions for the spelling of... more
          • Re: Hauptmann's dictionaryMichael 5260 for Joe, Mon Feb 26 17:44
            If the dictionary used by Hauptmann on death row was the same dictionary that was found in his apartment it is most likely gone forever. The dictionary and other personal belongings were probably... more
    • Hauptmann DictonaryJack, Sun Feb 25 23:58
      Extremely good thinking Michael. Wish we had the Dic.
    • Hauptmann's erratic englishbob mills for forum, Sat Feb 24 17:55
      Hauptmann was a dictionary student? I don't know what that means, either (maybe Wilentz can tell us from the grave). He wouldn't bother if he were alive, I suspect. What i don't get is this. if... more
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