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Joe for Bob Mills
Re: you can't have too many dictionaries, evidently
Wed Feb 28, 2018 09:38

Bob, are you implying authorities actually went out of their way to "augment" Hauptmann's German-English dictionary supply?? If the newspaper story is true, could it be that not unlike the average, modern day far-sighted person's tendency to have reading glasses all over the house, he just wanted easy access to translations? It seems Hauptmann might well have been the "dictionary student" Wilentz claimed he was.

Not to digress, but the only plant I'm aware of in this case is the spider plant Hauptmann claimed to have been repotting that fateful day in August, 1934, when he was somehow inexplicably and with the butt end of a broomstick, able to knock a hole in the side of a soaking wet shoebox that was sitting out of sight on the top shelf of Anna's kitchen closet. That's a very interesting image, but one that's so full of holes, he really should have been too embarrassed to offer it.

  • you can't have too many dictionaries, evidentlybob mills for sue and forum, Wed Feb 28 04:46
    In a case overflowing with planted evidence, this looks like a crude effort by someone to prove something against Hauptmann. NINE German-English dictionaries? NINE? Who needs that many dictionaries?
    • Re: you can't have too many dictionaries, evidently — Joe for Bob Mills, Wed Feb 28 09:38
      • nine dictionaries for the same job?bob mills for joe, Wed Feb 28 14:31
        I don't know, Joe. I'd be willing to wager that nobody outside a library has ever kept nine separate translation dictionaries in a single apartment before. It isn't provable one way or the other,... more
        • Re: nine dictionaries for the same job?Joe for Bob, Thu Mar 1 10:00
          I'm not sure Bob, but I'd wager the ransom note writer was using more than his basic knowledge of the English language here. It seems reasonable to me that the multiple versions for the spelling of... more
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