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bob mills for joe
nine dictionaries for the same job?
Wed Feb 28, 2018 14:31

I don't know, Joe. I'd be willing to wager that nobody outside a library has ever kept nine separate translation dictionaries in a single apartment before. It isn't provable one way or the other, granted.

If the German word for "street' is "strasse," it's going to be the same in every dictionary. If "man" is "herr" in German, it's always going to be the same. The whole business of the ransom notes has always been confusing and contradictory to me...a guy spells "money" "mony" because he's too careless to get it right even after living in the country 10 years, yet at the same time he's so meticulous about his writing that he uses nine separate dictionaries? Does that make sense, Joe?

  • Re: you can't have too many dictionaries, evidentlyJoe for Bob Mills, Wed Feb 28 09:38
    Bob, are you implying authorities actually went out of their way to "augment" Hauptmann's German-English dictionary supply?? If the newspaper story is true, could it be that not unlike the average,... more
    • nine dictionaries for the same job? — bob mills for joe, Wed Feb 28 14:31
      • Re: nine dictionaries for the same job?Joe for Bob, Thu Mar 1 10:00
        I'm not sure Bob, but I'd wager the ransom note writer was using more than his basic knowledge of the English language here. It seems reasonable to me that the multiple versions for the spelling of... more
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