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Joe for Bob
Re: nine dictionaries for the same job?
Thu Mar 1, 2018 10:00

I'm not sure Bob, but I'd wager the ransom note writer was using more than his basic knowledge of the English language here. It seems reasonable to me that the multiple versions for the spelling of more basic words (like "money") could have been as a result of lack of awareness, forgetfulness, indifference or plain deception. Based on the fact that deception was a major part of the ransom note messages, I'd tend to favour the last option.

  • nine dictionaries for the same job?bob mills for joe, Wed Feb 28 14:31
    I don't know, Joe. I'd be willing to wager that nobody outside a library has ever kept nine separate translation dictionaries in a single apartment before. It isn't provable one way or the other,... more
    • Re: nine dictionaries for the same job? — Joe for Bob, Thu Mar 1 10:00
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