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Re: Photo Includes 8 of the 9 Dictionaries
Thu Mar 1, 2018 10:16

Another excellent find. Thank you again.

Notice the covers of the eight dictionaries. They tell their own story.

All eight of the dictionaries came from the same publisher. Their covers prove it.

The entries are 1000 words. They are small dictionaries, probably paperbacks, that are easy to carry in your pocket. I have a paperback Webster's New World Dictionary, copyright 2002, that is 1 and 3/4 inches thick and it has 61,000 entries. Not very portable.

Notice the paragraphing and the indention of the lines of the printing on the left hand sides of the eight dictionaries. I used a 2X magnifying glass to examine them closely. The paragraphing and indentations of the lines are different from one another. All eight of them are different from one another because they were printed at different times and they are different editions.

This stuff is called physical evidence(proof) that is shown to a judge or jury so they can see for themselves and reach a logical conclusion regarding the dictionaries. No guesswork, no "I have a belief".

Taking the observations as a whole it shows that the investigators did not "plant" the dictionaries in order to railroad Hauptmann. They were policemen, not magicians.

Sue, do you think you can put up on the board Hauptmann's April 1932 Employment Time Sheet? I worked the "doctored" time sheet accusation years ago but I think you will find the examination process interesting. Solving the disputed time sheet issue consists mainly of sound reasoning. Not emotion.

  • Photo Includes 8 of the 9 DictionariesSue, Wed Feb 28 23:57
    Here is an Associated Press photo of the dictionaries...and maps. 8 of the 9 dictionaries are present here. Hauptmann Lindbergh 1934 https://app.tt.se/bildobjekt/image/sdlta288cd4
    • Re: Photo Includes 8 of the 9 Dictionaries — Michael 5260 for Sue, Thu Mar 1 10:16
      • April 1932 Employment Time SheetSue for Michael 5260, Fri Mar 2 21:54
        Hauptmann's time sheet for the week ending April 15, 1932 appears in the photo section of Scaduto's book between pages 320 and 321. Is that the one you are interested in?
        • Re: April 1932 Employment Time SheetMichael 5260 for Sue, Sat Mar 3 09:51
          That is the one Sue. It has the ink blobs on it. This is the time sheet that Scaduto and Kennedy salivated over. If my memory is correct the time sheet also caused Wayne D. Jones to experience "the... more
      • Re: Photo Includes 8 of the 9 DictionariesJoe for Michael, Thu Mar 1 11:42
        Michael, I think it may be a set of dictionaries, as I said before each covering a range of 1000 words. In the top left-hand corner, there is a numbering system ranging from 6 HEPT. through 12 HEPT.... more
        • Re: Photo Includes 8 of the 9 DictionariesMichael 5260 for Joe, Thu Mar 1 12:09
          Joe, it is certainly possible the dictionaries could be part of a complete set. We could find the answer quickly if we could study the originals. This is interesting. When Wilentz mentioned... more
    • Re: Photo Includes 8 of the 9 DictionariesJoe for Sue, Thu Mar 1 09:52
      Great find with that photo, Sue! It's interesting that each of the dictionaries seems to represent a thousand English words. Are they commonly used, more difficult words? And perhaps this is a set of ... more
      • A Box SetSue for Joe, Fri Mar 2 05:46
        From what I can gather from information online: The series of 12 dictionaries was sold in a box as one unit -- a box set! They were originally sold in Europe, and are credited to a Dr. Ernst... more
        • Re: A Box SetJoe for Sue, Fri Mar 2 07:30
          Sue, yes that's what it is and nice work driving that one home! It now appears conclusive that Hauptmann had what was probably an earlier version of the same Wallenberg publication, only his volumes... more
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