Sue for Joe
A Box Set
Fri Mar 2, 2018 05:46

From what I can gather from information online:

The series of 12 dictionaries was sold in a box as one unit -- a box set!

They were originally sold in Europe, and are credited to a Dr. Ernst Wallenberg.

Hauptmann may have bought them over in Germany.

WorldCat probably has cataloging information on the box set such as the dimensions of the dictionaries and the range of years that they were published.

  • Re: Photo Includes 8 of the 9 DictionariesJoe for Sue, Thu Mar 1 09:52
    Great find with that photo, Sue! It's interesting that each of the dictionaries seems to represent a thousand English words. Are they commonly used, more difficult words? And perhaps this is a set of ... more
    • A Box Set — Sue for Joe, Fri Mar 2 05:46
      • Re: A Box SetJoe for Sue, Fri Mar 2 07:30
        Sue, yes that's what it is and nice work driving that one home! It now appears conclusive that Hauptmann had what was probably an earlier version of the same Wallenberg publication, only his volumes... more
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