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Joe for Bob Mills
Re: nine dictionaries
Fri Mar 2, 2018 08:21

Bob, now the that the dictionary dilemma has been put to bed, you're asking that we determine the state of Hauptmann's criminal mind? Good luck.. have you ever tried undoing a ball of hopelessly tangled fishing line in a hot tent full of hungry mosquitoes? Why not first FULLY evaluate and determine the veracity of the circumstantial physical evidence, which in my opinion, is as rock solid as it was the better part of a hundred years ago? I do hear you though about why he would have done this, that and the other thing.. predictability was not exactly Hauptmann's strong suit, was it? I'd like nothing more than to see a new discussion forum called "The Mind of Richard Hauptmann." (!)

  • nine dictionariesbob mills for michael and forum, Thu Mar 1 18:07
    I don't want to repeat myself. i agree that it makes little or no sense that the cops would plant extra bi-lingual dictionaries in Hauptmann's apartment. It makes even less sense (to me) that a man... more
    • Re: nine dictionaries — Joe for Bob Mills, Fri Mar 2 08:21
      • Condon?Jack, Mon Mar 5 05:25
        There is much more evidentially against Condon, than about anyone before BRH was captured. Condon, with his known knowledge of the ongoing crime, was able to work his was into the inner workings of... more
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