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one for the mony, two for the show
Fri Mar 2, 2018 18:14

Well, that's kind of what I've been saying, Michael. Hauptmann is either a totally dense individual, or he's a clever deceiver. He spells $$$$ as "money" on a given occasion, then reverts back to "mony" later. There's no pattern to his errors that I can detect.

I get back to NINE dictionaries. A fetish? Maybe, but has anyone ever heard of a more bizarre fetish than to collect dictionaries? I suppose there's someone out there who owns nine cookbooks with the same recipes, but no rational person would ever own nine books that translate German words into English and vice versa the same way. Does everyone here understand that once you've learned the proper translation of a word, there's no need to validate your research?

It's too much for me to buy. This guy Hauptmann cannot have been, at once, a clever manipulator and the village idiot. What he actually was, I'm not sure.

  • monyMichael 5260 for Bob, Fri Mar 2 11:01
    In the series of Lindbergh ransom notes Hauptmann writes the word "money" a total of fourteen times. He spells the word as "mony" ten times and correctly as "money" four times. After Condon received... more
    • one for the mony, two for the show — bob mills for michael and forum, Fri Mar 2 18:14
    • Re: monyJoe for Michael, Fri Mar 2 12:19
      A very interesting observation, Michael which certainly adds credence to Wilentz's claim that Hauptmann was a "dictionary student." Do you know if the same principle applies to the word "ready" which ... more
      • Re: monyMichael 5260 for Joe, Fri Mar 2 21:41
        In the ransom notes Hauptmann spelled the word "ready" as "redy" four times and twice correctly as "ready". He also spelled "already" two times as "allredy" and once correctly as "already". You do... more
        • Handwriting ObservationsJack, Sat Mar 3 17:28
          Great thinking and doing, Mike. Can we put the question of whether BRH was the kidnapper from day 1 to his arrest to bed now? Hope so.
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