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Michael 5260 for Joe
Re: mony
Fri Mar 2, 2018 21:41

In the ransom notes Hauptmann spelled the word "ready" as "redy" four times and twice correctly as "ready". He also spelled "already" two times as "allredy" and once correctly as "already".

You do not find "redy" or "ready", "allredy" or "already" in Hauptmann's request writings. The words were not dictated to him.

Hauptmann had trouble spelling simple words because as John Tyrrell pointed out Hauptmann did not understand the "sound" of simple words. This is why his spelling was so inconsistent and odd. Many of the misspellings are phonetic in nature.

I've always felt that all the ransom notes should have been dictated to Hauptmann instead of the test paragraph and the last two ransom notes. One dictation pass through all the ransom notes and Hauptmann would have certainly been burnt toast. There would be no cockamamie debate today about whether or not he was the writer of the ransom notes.

This is a very good example of why a suspect writer should have the questioned writing dictated to them. It produces better handwriting exemplars.

  • Re: monyJoe for Michael, Fri Mar 2 12:19
    A very interesting observation, Michael which certainly adds credence to Wilentz's claim that Hauptmann was a "dictionary student." Do you know if the same principle applies to the word "ready" which ... more
    • Re: mony — Michael 5260 for Joe, Fri Mar 2 21:41
      • Handwriting ObservationsJack, Sat Mar 3 17:28
        Great thinking and doing, Mike. Can we put the question of whether BRH was the kidnapper from day 1 to his arrest to bed now? Hope so.
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